Mortal Kombat

Trivia: The autographed photo of Johnny Cage that lands among Scorpion's remains is a reference to Cage's 'Friendship' move from Mortal Kombat 2 (a comedy finisher where after beating your opponent to a bloody pulp you make peace with them by giving them a present or putting on a little show instead of killing them). Apparently many fans considered kicking the tar out of somebody and then giving them a signed photo of yourself to be incredibly egotistical, hence why it appears in the movie.

Trivia: All of Scorpion's lines in this movie were done by Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon. Boon can also be heard softly whispering 'Reptile' when Reptile transforms from creature to ninja.

Trivia: Every character that fights in the movie does either two special moves from the games, either one move and one fatality: Johnny Cage does the Shadow Kick to Scorpion, and the nut punch to Goro. Scorpion does the living spear throw to Johnny Cage, and the fire breath fatality to Johnny Cage as well. Sonya does the leg grab move to Kano, and breaks his neck with the leg grab fatality. Liu Kang does the fireball move at Shang Tsung, and also does the bycicle kick at Reptile. SubZero does the ice blast at an OutWorld warrior and also does the ice shatter fatality to that same warrior. Rayden does the teleport, and uses his electricity bolts to stop SubZero and Scorpion from attacking the earth fighters. Shang Tsung does the soul steal fatality, and the morphs into Chan Kang. Reptile turns invisible to sneak attack Liu, and also does the acid spit.

Trivia: Cameron Diaz was originally signed to play Sonya, but had to drop out after injuring her wrist during martial arts training.

Trivia: The entire Liu Kang vs "Human Reptile" fight and the second half of Johnny Cage and Scorpion's fight (taking place in the underground necropolis) were added in reshoots after test-audiences reacted very positively to the film and especially the action. The studio decided to spend extra money to add more action to the movie and give fans more of what they wanted.


Trivia: There has been a longstanding rumor that Brandon Lee had been cast as Johnny Cage before his unfortunate death on the set of "The Crow," but this rumor has never been completely confirmed or denied.


Trivia: The director on the set of Johnny Cage's movie bears a pretty striking resemblance to cinematic legend Steven Spielberg. Spielberg, who famously is a big fan of video-games, was reportedly approached to film a cameo, but was unable to free up the time. Thus a lookalike was cast as a bit of an inside joke.


Trivia: Brief mentions are made of Liu Kang being a descendant of a warrior named Kung Lao, and a statue of Kung Lao can be seen faintly in the courtyard that is filled with statues. In the games, Kung Lao is actually the name of two characters - one an ancient and famous warrior, and the second one of his descendants, whom is both related to and good friends with Liu.


Trivia: The original script reportedly had much more violence, which the studio had removed for a PG-13 rating. The original script also made Liu Kang and Princess Kitana's potential romance a bigger focus, whereas in the finished film, it's more subtle and implied, and the romance doesn't fully play out. (Although they are implied to be in love and entering into a relationship by the end of the sequel).


Continuity mistake: When Johnny Cage is fighting Scorpion, and he does his human spear, Johnny runs until he stops at the tree. The spear then catches up, and becomes wrapped around the tree in front of Johnny. When the camera changes view, the spear is just leaning on the tree. The camera changes view again and the spear is wrapped around the tree again. When Scorpion pulls the spear back, it goes straight back, and doesn't unwind around the tree.

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Princess Kitana: If I did not believe in you Liu Kang, I would not have helped you. In the Black Tower, you will face three challenges. You must face your enemy. You must face yourself. And you must face your worst fear.

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