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Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie Raiden asks Liu Kang what took them so long. Liu Kang responds with "I guess you knew it would end this way". After this line he continues talking - however there are no words to be heard.

Correction: Liu Kand does not continue talking. This was his last line in the movie. It is Rayden who continues to talk and we can see him talking.


Corrected entry: During the final battle, Shang Tsung morphs into Liu Kang's dead brother Chan to cause Liu Kang to let his guard down. Not only does Shang Tsung clumsily do this right in front of Liu Kang, but Liu actually at first believes it to be his brother.

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Correction: He knows his brother's soul was consumed by Liu Kang, so he knows Chan is "in there" somewhere. That combined with the pure emotional shock of seeing his dead brother standing before him, led him to doubt his next move. Perfectly understandable.

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Corrected entry: At the end when Johnny Cage fights Goro, Johnny hits Goro between his legs. The shot changes to Lord Raiden saying, "Yes, haha, sorry," and then he smacks the warrior cheering in the crowd, but his lips aren't moving when he says, "Sorry."

Correction: You can say sorry without moving your lips, try it, open your mouth and say sorry without moving your lips. It works.

Corrected entry: There are two lines of people that come out at the big feast. The first shot, you see Sub-Zero leading one and a random soldier leading the other. The shot changes and Scorpion is leading the other. When they meet in the middle, it's just Sub-Zero. When the soldiers run down the steps to flip over tables, Scorpion is there. When it goes back to the top of the steps, it's just Sub-Zero.

Correction: The lines come out from both sides of the room. Meaning Sub-Zero was leading the line of soldiers on one side, and Scorpion was leading another line on the other side. When they all move into position and the camera goes to Shang Tsung, he nods to one side, then the other, signaling 2 sides of the room. Then when the camera switches to the combatants standing up while soldiers rush in to push them around, the soldiers are coming from both sides. If you watch the scene there's plenty of evidence of this with any camera angle.

Corrected entry: After Johnny Cage beats up three of the actors and the fourth screws up by forgetting when to fall down Cage's tie comes untucked from his coat. He then turns 180 degrees to complain to the director and his tie is now nice and neatly tucked into his coat again.

Correction: If look closely at the bottom of the screen, you can see Johnny Cage tuck his tie back into his jacket, just before he walks off set.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Liu, Kitana, and Johnny go to Outworld to save Sonya, before Liu fights Reptile, the camera shows them walking down the street from a top view. You then see a person with tattered clothing on running across the street.

Correction: That's a resident of Outworld, not some random guy who ran across the screen. More of these people in tattered clothing can be seen at the very end of the film when light is shooting out of Shang Tsung's fortress and they congregate around to gaze at it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Scorpion and Johnny Cage are fighting, Scorpion reaches for the side of his mask to take it off in order to do his 'fatality.' But when it shows a close up of him taking the mask off, he takes it off from the front instead of the side.

Correction: Upon closer inspection it doesn't look as if there was any drastic change in where he reaches for his mask. It looks as though his hand is in the same spot for both shots.

Corrected entry: In the end of the scene where Scorpion fights Johnny Cage, Cage is on the ground surrounded by bones and skeletons. Scorpion apears before him, and we see a close up of his face. He moves his hand towards it, as if he was going to remove the mask, but in the next shot, his hand is no longer on his mask, and he does the same movement again.

Correction: It only looks like he is moving his hand towards his mask. All that happened was his arm simply went across his face when his was motioning it into the arm-extended, palm-outward position he is in in the next shot.

Corrected entry: In the fight between Johnny and Scorpion, Johnny gets knocked down. He has a clump of dust on the right side of his pants, then when he jumps up to the bar above him, and he swings around getting ready to kick Scorpion, if you look in the same spot the clump of dust is gone.

Correction: That is not a clump of dirt. Johnnie Cage's pants are ripped. If you look closely you see the tear.

Corrected entry: At the end of the scene where Johnny Cage fights Scorpion, he fatally injures Scorpion, and makes him bleed and burn. Then just before Scorpion blows up, he jumps away. But how did Johnny know that Scorpion would explode? He didn't know anything about the tournament or the fighters before the event.

Correction: He didn't jump away until after Scorpion's head exploded. He probably thought that the rest of him would explode after the head did. In any case, I'd probably jump away too if some burning guy's head exploded in front of me.

Corrected entry: When Johnny Cage and Lui Kang and Sonya are looking for Katina, Johnny Cage says "She has come through here." at the same time, he is pushing cobwebs out of his way. Why would he be doing that when Katina had come through there beforehand?

Correction: They were trying to show that Johnny was full of crap. They even say that they smell something, but its not perfume.

Corrected entry: At the end, when the spikes rise from the dragon pattern on the floor, if you look carefully you can see that the spikes are tearing through tin foil.

Correction: The Dragon Symbol could well be made from tin or otherwise a similar metal with the rows of spikes pushing up from holes in the stone underneath. In this way combatants may walk/fight across it quite effectively and yet the spikes can be released easily.


Corrected entry: During Goro's First fight with the black guy, Goro destroys his opponent. After winning the battle, Tsang says, "Flawless Victory." According to the game, in order to get a flawless victory, you have to have a full bar of energy, which usually goes down even if you have been hit once. The black guy hits Goro a couple of times, which would nullify the "Flawless Victory" comment.

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Correction: This is the movie, not the game.


Strictly speaking the correction is right, however the phrase comes across as horribly misused to anyone with a passing knowledge of the game.

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Corrected entry: When Johnny shoulder rolls in the forest to dodge the spear, he passes right through the cable when he stands up.

Correction: Just loaded the scene up on YouTube to check, and at no point does he pass through the cable.


Continuity mistake: When Johnny Cage is fighting Scorpion, and he does his human spear, Johnny runs until he stops at the tree. The spear then catches up, and becomes wrapped around the tree in front of Johnny. When the camera changes view, the spear is just leaning on the tree. The camera changes view again and the spear is wrapped around the tree again. When Scorpion pulls the spear back, it goes straight back, and doesn't unwind around the tree.

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Shang Tsung: Johnny Cage, I challenge you.
Liu Kang: No! You'll fight me. I am Liu Kang, descendent of Kung Lao. I challenge you to Mortal Kombat.

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Trivia: All of Scorpion's lines in this movie were done by Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon. Boon can also be heard softly whispering 'Reptile' when Reptile transforms from creature to ninja.

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Question: Something that was bugging me, but maybe someone who knows more about guns can help: On Shang Tsung's ship, Sub-Zero freezes & breaks off the front of Sonya's gun. What good does this do? The firing mechanisms are towards the rear of the gun. She could have fired off a shot, just not a second one. Freezing the front only locks the slide, part of the barrel and return spring, right? A round must have been chambered, otherwise it would be really stupid for her to be wielding it the way she does. Sub-Zero was not far away, so the shorter barrel shouldn't be much problem. Sub-Zero wouldn't have been able to freeze the bullet, given how he couldn't' stop that icicle that kills him later.

Answer: Sonya's pistol looks to be a Glock, Model 17 or 19. It looks like the barrel was broken off up to about the front end of the trigger guard. If she fired it like that, the bullet would have significantly reduced muzzle velocity because the recoil spring is gone (it would be in the front part of the weapon that was frozen and broken off.) The remaining part of the slide wouldn't have any resistance working against it. Not only would that result in less pressure inside the chamber during firing, but it would also most likely send the slide back into Sonya's face if she pulled the trigger.


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