Mortal Kombat

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Bug: Applies to the SNES. Using the character Raiden, upon finishing the last level of the double team fight. Upon doing his fatality, Gorro will drop down in a glitched color form.

Bug: This glitch only applies to the SNES. If you are Sub Zero right before your final hit to finish off your opponent. If you freeze them at low enough health and the "Finish Him" comes up, during the fishing move he will re-freeze the frozen opponent at which time your opponent will become unfrozen and Sub Zero will only break the frozen outline of your opponent.

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The Sega Genesis version of this game is more brutal than the Super Nintendo version. To make it more kid friendly, many things were changed for the SNES copy. Like Sub Zero's Spine Rip fatality, where he would uppercut a stunned foe, ripping their head off and the full spine coming with it. In the SNES version, this was replaced with him simply freezing the enemy, and shattering the ice.