Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bond is in Drax's study with Miss Dufour, there is a shot where he appears to be photographing the documents just before gathering them and returning them to the safe. We see Bond's hands, but these hands do not hold the minicamera. The fingers are artfully folded to hide this.

Continuity mistake: When 007 enters the control room of the secret base, his clothes are already dry but his hair is still wet.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: On the widescreen version, keep watching Lois Chiles during the laser firefight on the space station. She starts off at Bond's side, then joins Col. Scott. But after a shot of Drax fleeing, we cut back to Bond, and she's just leaving his side to join Col. Scott.

Continuity mistake: When Bond is looking at the airport through the telescope in Rio he sees the Drax cargo plane coming down the runway but just seconds before in the wide shot of the whole airport there is no plane on the runway or anywhere near it.


Continuity mistake: Bond manages to shut off the gravity in the whole station, but when the bad guys begin their battle with the Marine astronauts the bag guys are walking towards the airlock hatch as if they have full gravity.


Continuity mistake: When Bond throws the chain over the cable there are two handles attached to the chain, but when they slide away the handles on the chain are gone.

Continuity mistake: When Bond's gondola goes under a bridge an encounters the hearse, the canal they're in changes completely. The street on the right disappears and is replaced by a brick wall.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond arrives to Venice he grabs a card from Venini Glass. From the immediate opposite angle the cards is gone.

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Continuity mistake: Before Bond jumps out of the boat with the delta wing glider, the sky swaps from sunny to cloudy and back to sunny, between shots.

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Continuity mistake: After Bond and Goodhead jump on the grass and he says "for saving my life" her arm swaps from being around his nape to by her side.

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Continuity mistake: After Jaws' cable car crashes and everything explodes, he appears inches away from a table and chair with a 7UP ice cube on. A shot later a girl comes running and the table is 3 meters away, lying fallen on the floor.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond is in the speed boat he puts a white helmet on, cut to the front of the boat when the wings are deployed and the helmet is missing, then the long shot of the hand glider and the helmet is back, Bond is also dry despite getting soaking wet by the explosions.

Continuity mistake: When Bond and Goodhead are in the back of the ambulance the interior does not match the outside - the windows are a different shape and the roof is too high.

Continuity mistake: There's not enough time for Drax to say his goodbyes to Bond and then get to the cockpit of Moonraker 5 in the same time that Bond sets up his watch to blow the vent.

Continuity mistake: When Jaws bites through the cable car cable, the angle of the cable shows it to be in the top station. Yet he then travels up in a cable car to reach Bond and Dr Goodhead.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond is looking at the Drax aeroplane in Rio, he sees Holly through the telescope. You can see she has both hands on the telescope, but when Bond puts his left hand on hers, the camera cuts away and she has only her right hand on the telescope.

Continuity mistake: During the cable car fight, Bond and Holly put Jaws through the sunroof and Bond slams the sunroof shut. But when we see a camera shot of Jaws from above, the sunroof is open.

Continuity mistake: During the speed boat sequence, Jaws has two colleagues wearing yellow on the boat he is on, but when the speed boat goes over the waterfall, the two men have disappeared.

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Suggested correction: Both the Drax guys can just about still be seen in front of and to Jaws' left (reclined in his seat) as they go over the waterfall, but you need Blu-ray and a keen eye to spot it.


Continuity mistake: Chang watches Bond leaves the room in which he found the safe. When Bond walks away from the room, we see Chang's real profile standing up, but in the next shot he's back crouching in the corner again.

Factual error: Two pilot/astronauts steal a space shuttle by firing it up and launching it off the back of the Boeing 747 transporter. This cannot happen: the 747 can't lift the shuttle with a full fuel load - it only just lifts it empty. It is not a fictional, futuristic spacecraft: It's a bog standard shuttle, stolen from NASA, on the back of the modified 747 used by them to transport the orbiter from its landing site to Cape Canaveral. (Why would they carry a fully fuelled shuttle anyway?).

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[The staff of MI6 are watching a large screen that shows Bond and Dr. Goodhead making love in space.]
Minister: My god, what's Bond doing!?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

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Trivia: The film's budget had been more than the first six Bond films added together, but Broccoli's gamble paid off. Upon release in the Summer of 1979, the film enjoyed huge success globally, and the film easily recouped its budget.

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Question: What is Dolly's (Jaw's girlfriend) relationship with Drax Industries (as evident in her yellow jumpsuit)?


Chosen answer: She doesn't have any official connection to Drax Industries. She only gets to come along to the station due to her relationship with Jaws. That's when she gets the yellow jumpsuit.


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