Richard Standing

30th May 2016

Dad's Army (1971)

Continuity mistake: When we first see Jones's van, it already has the flaps for the gun ports in the side, even though the van isn't converted to an armoured vehicle until later in the film.

Richard Standing

18th May 2016

Dad's Army (2016)

Factual error: Godfrey's sister discovers that Catherine Zeta Jones is a spy by making a telephone call to a Paris fashion house. As France was occupied during the period of the film, such a phone call would have been impossible.

Richard Standing

24th Aug 2015

King Ralph (1991)

Factual error: When King Ralph arrives at the banquet, he is introduced as "King Ralph the First." This is an error as reginal numbers are only assigned when there is a second monarch with the same reginal name, hence "Queen Victoria", not "Queen Victoria I."

Richard Standing

2nd Dec 2013

Moonraker (1979)

Continuity mistake: When Jaws bites through the cable car cable, the angle of the cable shows it to be in the top station. Yet he then travels up in a cable car to reach Bond and Dr Goodhead.

Richard Standing

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