Hot Tub Time Machine

Plot hole: The movie is based in 1986 after the group time travels from 2010. That makes it a 24 year trip back in time. It is stated that Jacob is 20 years old. That is an error as this would make him roughly around 23 or 24 if he was conceived in 1986, which we saw near the end of the movie.

Plot hole: In the scene when the guys bet on the outcome of the football game, their prediction is proven wrong when the vomit covered squirrel from the earlier scene runs onto the field and disrupts John Elway's pass. The movie takes place in Colorado, but the AFC Championship game featuring "The Drive" was played in Cleveland, OH. That's a lot of distance for a squirrel to travel in a couple hours.

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Suggested correction: The movie is a comedy. Sure it's unlikely for a squirrel to travel that distance in the given time, but so is a time machine in the form of a hot tub. The scene is there to demonstrate the effects of altering the future, not to prove how fast a squirrel can be. In a comedy, this is exactly the kind of liberties one might expect from a scriptwriter.


Plot hole: Sure, they say you should never question time-travel logic in a comedy movie. But when the friends that decided to get in the hot tub at the end return to the present, their future has changed. However, Lou acts like he hasn't seen them since then. This obviously cannot be: if they weren't there up until the point they returned, they wouldn't have had any of the things they returned to. Sure, they changed the future through their actions, but they'd need to be there for the next 20 years in order to maintain those changes. And they couldn't have existed, and replaced their present selves when they returned, as their present selves wouldn't have gone to the Kodiak Club anyway, since Lou wouldn't have tried to kill himself, so their present selves wouldn't have gotten into the time machine in the first place. Deep.

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Adam: I vowed to master the chaos.
April: You have to embrace the chaos. You have to, that way life might just astonish you.



The famous AFC Championship game that featured "The Drive" took place on January 11th, 1987, while the events of the film took place in 1986.



When the foursome ski down the mountain and are looking around at the oddly dressed people, someone behind John Cusack says, "Hey Lane, you owe me two dollars". This was a nudge to John Cusack, who played Lane Meyers in "Better Off Dead" and was pursued in the snow by a crazed paper boy shouting "Two dollars!"