Hot Tub Time Machine

Corrected entry: After being transported to the 1980s, the guys have possession of things which they did not take into the hot tub with them. Nick has his cell phone, Jacob has his snowboard, Lou has his backpack, and they are all wearing clothing that they brought with them when they go skiing.


Correction: This isn't a mistake, it's a plot point. They need the Russian energy drink to get back to the present.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Corrected entry: The delay in the group's realization that they have traveled through time is implausible. Someone in the group would have encountered a mirror before Lou finally does shortly after Phil shows up with their luggage. Additionally, on their way to go skiing, they would have noticed that the lodge's rundown condition would have improved significantly overnight.


Correction: A bunch of guys are not necessarily going to check the mirror before they head out. They certainly noticed the improvement in the lodge's condition, but think about it: if it were you, would you immediately assume time travel was the cause? Of course not.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, after Lou has altered history, we see the video for "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue. "Home Sweet Home" was on the album "Theatre of Pain" which was released in 1985. The video had already been released by the events of the movie in 1986.

Correction: At the end of the movie, he recounts how he misses playing music, a la being in Motley Crue. Who's to say that he didn't form Motley Lue after the rest of the guys traveled back to the future?

Corrected entry: When John Cusack's character goes into the basement to chat to his Nephew, he says "c'mon you're 20 years old, get out and live life" (or something like that) when they go back in time his nephew is conceived in 1986 meaning that the present must be 2006 but when they get back into the tub to travel back to the present, the readout on the tub says 2010, where the nephew would now be 24 if he had been conceived in 1986.


Correction: It is a character mistake, and a pretty common one in real life. If you put a gun to my head, I couldn't tell you my nieces' exact ages, all I know is they are their 20s. It's not illogical for Cusack to just say he's 20, meaning *in* his 20s if he can't immediately recall his exact age.


Corrected entry: When Nick is in the "Sup Dawg" place, he gets a call on his IPhone. When they go back in time, he is on the ski slope (trying to get a signal) with a flip phone.


Correction: Lots of people have and carry more than one cell phone.


Corrected entry: At the start, the Bellhop acts like he doesn't know the gang, and they act like they've never met him. Yet, we later learn that they had some significant run-ins with this guy many times and are regulars at this place, to the point that in the new future the guy is almost a friend of theirs. Plus, the gang is surprised at his one arm, yet they knew about it and how it happened as they saw it. The only thing affected by what they changed is that he had it reattached.

Correction: Have you ever thought that at the beginning they weren't that special to him? They only had the amount of run ins that they did because they went back in time. Also, they only witnessed him losing his arm because they went back in time.

David Hutchinson

Corrected entry: When they are in the year 1986, a man is seen with a cell phone. The first cell phone wasn't released until 1989 by Motorola.

Correction: Incorrect the first cell phones were around since the late 70's and the earliest cell phone in the US, the Motorola DynaTAC, was released in 1983.


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