Hot Tub Time Machine

Lou is a party animal without the party. Adam has just been brutally dumped by his girlfriend. His nephew Jacob won't leave the basement. Nick's career and marriage are circling the drain. Disappointed with how their lives have ended up, the four friends decide to go to the old ski lodge where they spent their glory days. However, after a wild party in the hot tub, they find themselves IN their glory days. The hot tub is really a Hot Tub Time Machine, and has transported them back to 1986. They soon come to realize that they must literally relive their glory days exactly as they did to prevent a time paradox. However, some of them stray from the plan rather drastically...


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Adam: I vowed to master the chaos.
April: You have to embrace the chaos. You have to, that way life might just astonish you.



The famous AFC Championship game that featured "The Drive" took place on January 11th, 1987, while the events of the film took place in 1986.



When the foursome ski down the mountain and are looking around at the oddly dressed people, someone behind John Cusack says, "Hey Lane, you owe me two dollars". This was a nudge to John Cusack, who played Lane Meyers in "Better Off Dead" and was pursued in the snow by a crazed paper boy shouting "Two dollars!"