Hot Tub Time Machine

Factual error: The famous AFC Championship game that featured "The Drive" took place on January 11th, 1987, while the events of the film took place in 1986.


Factual error: Blaine (from the ski patrol) mentions "21 Jump Street" in 1986; that show premiered in April 1987.


Factual error: In the scene where they are watching "The Drive", the TV is not showing an NFL game at all. The field is 110 yards long. There is an overhead shot of the field and you can see two 50 yard lines and a C in the middle. They are watching a CFL game.

Factual error: In the scene where they bet on the outcome of "The Drive" AFC Championship game, it's obviously late evening. Yet, the Browns/Broncos game was started at 12:30 EST, so it would have been morning in Colorado (where the movie takes place).


Factual error: The song "Smooth Up In Ya" by the BulletBoys is heard in a 1986 scene; that song was first released in 1988.


Factual error: If the guys went back to 1986, why is there a poster of Rambo III in one of the lodge bedrooms? That movie didn't come out until 1988.

Factual error: When Phil is carving the ice sculpture, he slips and the chainsaw flys into the air, and it continues to run. Chainsaws will only run while you hold down the trigger.


Factual error: "Push it" by Salt 'n' Pepa, featured in the film, was released in December of ‘86 but the events are suppose to take place in January of ‘86.

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