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Corrected entry: When Anna Kendrick is singing Karaoke she sings "almost left behind" which are the words to the song. However, the Karaoke screen says "almost left me blind." (00:57:00)

New this week Correction: Several different companies make karaoke discs, and they all vary in quality from production of sound to lyrical accuracy. This is simply a disc with a spelling error on it (more than likely being played in real life as this scene was shot) and is not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene when George Clooney has returned to his apartment and his neighbor gives him the package she signed for, he opens it, sees the large poster board photograph and says "my sister" but it is not his sister it is his niece and her fiancé.


Correction: Actually, it is his younger sister. He has two sisters.


Corrected entry: When Ryan leaves his sister's he is at the airport and puts the cut-out of his sister and her fiance in his suitcase. The heads of the cut-outs are sticking out. But after he goes through security, the cut-outs aren't sticking out anymore.

Correction: Security likely made him fold the cutouts to fit securely in the bag.


Corrected entry: (Spoilers) How does Ryan get Alex's address in Chicago? If she wants to hide from him the fact that she is married, she certainly wouldn't tell him where she lives. If Ryan looked her up in the directory, she would most certainly have been listed with her husband's name.

Correction: Ever looked anyone up on Google? It's amazing the information you can get. And, she may not have been listed with her husband's name, may have had her own line in the house, or her husband for whatever reason may not have been listed. If it was her house to begin with, and he moved in with her after marriage, they may have just avoided the hassle of changing the ownership of the phone and listing and left it in her name.


Corrected entry: When Ryan talks about the 10,000,000 mile-card, he mentions that only 7 people in the world have ever reached that number. That would make him no. 8, but when he receives his card, it says "no. 7.

Correction: He says that he would be the 7th person to do it. Therefore when his card says "no.7" it is correct.

Corrected entry: When Bateman and Clooney are in an office together have a look at the top middle of the screen, the fuzzy boom mic pokes his head down.


Correction: This is way too vague to be considered a mistake. Which office scene? There are two scenes when the two of them are in an office together. At what point in the scene does this occur?

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