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Up in the Air (2009)

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Ryan (George Clooney) leaves abruptly one of his presentations and goes to see Alex. He visits Alex (Vera Farmiga) at her house and realizes that she's married. Some time later they talk and Alex tells Ryan that she considers him an escape from her married life and that she was never interested in a serious relationship. Ryan achieves his 10 million frequent flier miles but he doesn't feel happy at all. Natalie (Anna Kendrick) quits her job because one of the people she fired (earlier in the film) kills herself. Ryan gives part of his frequent flier miles to his sister and her husband because they couldn't afford a honeymoon. He writes a letter of recommendation for Natalie when she goes to San Francisco looking for a new job and she gets hired. The film ends with Ryan taking a flight to any destination (following what Natalie said earlier in the film). The last scene is a view of the clouds and Ryan says: "The stars will wheel forth from their daytime hiding places and one of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wingtip passing over..."

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Factual error: In the first scene that takes place in Ryan Bingham's office in Omaha, if you look out the window, a City of Saint Louis, Missouri flag (red with a blue sort of sideways Y shape on it) can be seen in the reflection of the building across the street.

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Flight Attendant: Would you like the cancer?
Ryan Bingham: What?
Flight Attendant: Would you like the can, sir?

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Question: I'm fairly positive that one of the African-American female terminated employees, who has a very small but significant role in Up in the Air(trying to avoid spoiling the plot), is Elise Neal. Elise Neal was D.L. Hughley's wife in The Hughleys and also starred in Hustle and Flow. Any reason why she is not credited on the film? imdb.com and other sites do not list her as a cast member.

Answer: It is not unusual for actors to appear in films in uncredited cameo roles. There's many reasons. Their appearance is not significant enough to warrant a film credit, it is a surprise for the audience, they do it for fun or as a favor to the director or producer, it avoids contract obligations, and so on.

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