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Corrected entry: After Darby shoots the arriving police cars he flees over the buildings' roofs. All roofs are totally covered with snow except for the path Darby takes - prior takes mean there's hardly any snow on that route.

Correction: You are assuming residents of the apartment complex aren't using the rooftop. In many cities, people make access to rooftops, especially children, and they would create a path in the snow. Darby may have simply found it as a path of the least resistance to use for escape purposes.

Anthony Lemons

Corrected entry: Rice said it took approximately 15 minutes to get to Reynolds from the time he was given his location. He found that Clyde rigged Reynolds' air supply to shut off at 1:15 (if food sent to Clyde on time at 1:00, it was sent at 1:08) - but even if Rice got the info from Clyde exactly at 1:00, it would still take extra minutes to leave the cell, run through the prison to the helicopter outside, and take off, so 15 minutes wouldn't have helped save Reynolds even if Rice gave Clyde his 1:00 request.

Correction: If everything had happened exactly as it did, except 8 minutes sooner as Clyde demanded, Reynolds would have been suffocating but still alive when Rice found him.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Ames writhes in pain on the table while receiving the death penalty. Clyde says that he changed the potassium chloride for "something a little more deliberate". Potassium chloride is the last chemical injected and so Ames would still have been paralyzed by the pancuronium (the second injection) and could not have moved.


Correction: Either the replacement for the potassium chloride contained a chemical to counter the pancuronium, or the pancuronium was replaced with an inert substance such as saline.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Nick and Clyde are talking outside the prison fence, Clyde's mouth is bleeding after Nick hit him. In the next clip there is no trace of blood. Even if he has tried to wipe his mouth with his hand (which we don't see) there would be some blood visible.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: He doesn't wipe his mouth, but he does spit out the blood, and he kind of moves his tongue around his mouth before he spits which would have removed most of the blood from his mouth. There probably should have been some blood left in his mouth, though, it would have been hard to get it all with the movement he does.

scaryterri Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jonas' SUV blows up, it lands upside down revealing a large black plate used to conceal that the SUV was actually a lightened, hollow shell, not a complete, drivable vehicle. (01:19:30)


Correction: The large black plate visible under the SUV is a defense used by military (and some police) vehicles to protect against land mines or other explosives beneath the vehicle. Its presence in the shot does not indicate that the SUV was a hollow shell.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Clyde checks Darby's restraints, as he walks back to Darby's head Clyde catches Darby's foot with his arm, the foot is a prop as it wobbles like rubber. Even though he was paralysed it would not wobble like this.


Correction: He wasn't just paralyzed, his muscles were seized in to position. He wobbled because his taut muscles, which he had no control over, were holding his foot in place.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Clyde and Rice are disusing the deal. Rice states that there is not enough evidence to send the offenders to prison, and that his "eye-witness identification" is not enough to convict. So they're cutting a deal with Darby to testify against Ames. This would never happen. Since Clyde could identify the perpetrators BEFORE he blacked out. His testimony and ID would be more than sufficient.


Correction: It would happen with a lawyer like Rice, who's more concerned with his conviction record than he is with justice. The fact that the encounter began with Clyde being clubbed over the head is enough for any decent defense attorney to have Clyde's identification testimony disregarded by the court. Rice won't risk this, because that would make it that much harder for him to win an already tough case. So he cuts a deal for a sure thing.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Bill Reynolds could not have been missing for three days (as his wife told Sarah Lowell), because he was at the death penalty of Mr. Aimes.

Correction: The day Ames is executed, Reynolds attends (and we can assume is taken shortly after). That night, Darby is killed. The next day, Shelton is arrested (Reynolds now missing a full day), and that evening we see Rice in Shelton's home, sifting for evidence. The next day (Reynold's now missing 2 days), Rice interviews Shelton in the large cage room. That night, Rice puts his daughter to bed, leaving the door cracked slightly. The next afternoon, Reynolds' body is found (3 full days missing).


Corrected entry: Clyde has a bloody mouth after being hit by Nick, spits out blood, saliva, and talks. The blood is gone after the camera pans up to Nick and then back to Clyde.

Correction: So Clyde licked his lips to remove the blood while the camera was on Nick.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Shelton is eating his asparagus in jail and takes a bit off the top, a few seconds later after switching to another angle, he takes another bite and it still has the top of the asparagus on.


Correction: I thought I noticed this too. The "top", the part that differs from the rest of the stalk, is just really large on this piece of aparagus. You can see where he took a bite out of it already in the second shot.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, everyone at the justice department is using Mac computers. However, in the scene where Nick receives the email about industrial property purchases, he is obviously using Windows Vista. This isn't impossible, but it would be highly unlikely that the department would pay extra for Macs and then not even use the operating system.

Correction: They would if they were trying to use up their budget, to keep it from being reduced the following year. They want to run Windows Vista, but they need to spend the leftover funding... easy solution is to buy the more expensive computer. It's possible, explainable in a myriad of ways, and has has occured in real life. It's not a mistake. Fellow I know in the military says they once bought 900 Coleman stoves and 1200 field knives just to burn up the rest of the budget for the year. They didn't need any of them at all. At least this office needed computers.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The steak as seen through the X-ray machine is a T-bone, not a porterhouse.

Correction: It could be a Porterhouse; the T-Bone and Porterhouse cuts are very similar. Both have the "T" bone in them which separate a New York Strip and a Filet Mignon. In order for it to be classified as a Porterhouse, the Filet side has to be a certain size (i.e. larger than it would be in a T-Bone.).

Corrected entry: I was just curious, if Gerard Butler was such a genius at creating electronic gizmos of death, why didn't he have a peephole or a security camera installed in his front doorway?

Correction: Because he had no reason (yet) to be paranoid.


Corrected entry: From prison in the interrogation cell Clyde asks for his steak "medium." In the scene inside Clyde's cell, when the waiter delivers the steak to him, the waiter calls out the steak order as "medium rare."


Correction: This sort of thing happens in real life all the time.

Phixius Premium member

I agree that the order given (medium - which is described as a "hot pink center") differs from what he receives (medium rare - which is described as a "warm red center"). However I have learned that once a steak is put out by the kitchen and ready to deliver to a table it is actually still cooking, thus resulting in a higher temperature. Therefore, since the steak is being delivered from a steakhouse to a prison accompanied with the police check (×2) I believe the steak has most likely cooked itself to about medium even though the waiter said medium rare. But he should not have gotten a 30% tip then from that error.

Corrected entry: After Clyde leaves the Justice Building after planting the bomb, he heads straight back to his tunnel to return to his cell (despite being slowed by the traffic a little). How does Jamie Foxx's character grab the bomb, remove it from the building without being stopped by other police, and plant it in the cell before Clyde gets back?

Correction: By hurrying. Clyde was in no hurry at all. In fact he likely spent some time in his hideout, to change and whatnot, before returning to his cell.

Phixius Premium member

Plot hole: Inmediately after Jamie Foxx finds the bomb in the city hall, and he says, "We don't tell the mayor anything", we see Gerard Butler arriving to his property next to the prison, and finally he enters his jail cell. So, in the time between Gerard Butler's arrival to the property and his entrance to the jail cell, Jamie Foxx thought about a plan, picked up the bomb, passed through the traffic and security checkpoints, talked to the warden to get access to the prison, entered solitary, handcuffed the bomb, and still had time to wait for Gerard Butler's arrival.

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Question: In court, Darby asks Nick if he's married. What's the meaning of this question, and why did he ask it? Seems a bit strange to just randomly ask someone that.


Answer: Because Nick knows this man is guilty. He says it to almost imply, "well since I'm getting off, may as well make a visit to your family next. You married, Nick?"

Answer: The answer that someone else gave to this question is misleading; indicates that Clyde asked Nick if he was married. It was actually Darby who asks Nick this question. And there really is no answer except that Darby is a menace and a scoundrel. He only asked this to aggravate or pull some kind of thread at Nick. Nick knows this, which is why he replies to him the way he does.

Melissa Bostic

Answer: Probably because he was married with a child, and he wanted to know if he was also married, so he could possibly relate to his situation.

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