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Continuity mistake: When Nick and Clyde are talking outside the prison fence, Clyde's mouth is bleeding after Nick hit him. In the next clip there is no trace of blood. Even if he has tried to wipe his mouth with his hand (which we don't see) there would be some blood visible.

Jacob La Cour
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New this month Suggested correction: He doesn't wipe his mouth, but he does spit out the blood, and he kind of moves he tongue around his mouth before he spits which would have removed most of the blood from his mouth. There probably should have been some blood left in his mouth, though, it would have been hard to get it all with the movement he does.

scaryterri Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Nick is flown by helicopter to find Mr Reynolds, the helicopter changes registration from N94PD in flight to N95PD when they land.


Continuity mistake: When Darby is running from the police and heading for the police car you can see the exhaust emitting from the police cruiser tail pipe. When he gets in the car he says start the car and you can see Clyde turn the ignition/keys and the engine starts of an already idling vehicle. (00:20:35)


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