Maximum Overdrive

Continuity mistake: During the bridge scene when the watermelon truck crushes the station wagon they show a long shot from the bridge and you can see the watermelon truck crushing the station wagon again. Also the yellow car is in a normal position despite flipping backwards before.


Other mistake: In the pop machine scene, player number 7 gets hit in the head. Yet he stands there like nothing happened before he finally falls down and dies.

Continuity mistake: When the Bible salesman pulled in, the left two hubcaps came off. Later, as the garbage semi goes to hit it, all four are missing.

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Other mistake: On the ball field, the one kid running away gets hit in the lower back by the soda can. Problem is the soda can looked as if it were tossed in a gentle arc rather than directly at him. Also, it barely touched him, and he took a few more steps, then grabbed the spot it hit him, then fell, rather than falling immediately.

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Revealing mistake: In the shot after the motorcyclist falls into the water, the camera shakes and you can also see something lifting the cameraman up.

Continuity mistake: When the Green Goblin truck is starting to back up to hit the bible salesman, if you look to the left of the screen you can see the red Autocar garbage truck parked, despite riding around the Dixie Boy as the bible salesman is cussing at it.

Factual error: When Curt and Connie are at the railroad crossing, the lights flash but the bells do not ring. The lights on the gates don't flash either. The lights and bells on the railroad crossing are hooked up on the same circuit.


Continuity mistake: When Connie and Curt go to the gas station a tow truck pulls out to the street on the driver's side - the door is there. But when the truck plows through the front of the gas station and hits Curtis, Curtis sits up and the driver's side door of the tow truck is gone.

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Factual error: A big sign at the pumps states that diesel is priced at $1.089, yet when the trucks are being filled, the price per gallon is around 55 cents. In the 70's, when product reached the $1 mark, pumps were set to half price, and the customer paid double the total, but by 1987, the time frame of the movie, the pump computers would have been replaced to show true pricing.


Continuity mistake: When the log truck is chasing Connie and Curtis, they look back and see it closing the distance. Then it pulls alongside, and Connie says "It's gonna bump us!" A second after that, the camera looks at them. They are looking back at the truck, rather than to their left where it supposedly is.

Robert Cotton

Continuity mistake: When the bible guy gets backed into, he flies over the guardrail and there's no blood on the truck at all. When it drives away, there's blood splattered everywhere.

Revealing mistake: After the waitress gets cut with the knife, she leans on the grill, it makes a sizzling sound and yet she doesn't get burned.

Revealing mistake: When the Miller beer semi hits the car the second time, you can see the truck's exhaust stack isn't connected.

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Other mistake: It was interesting that the beer truck didn't continue to run. The rocket blew up the side of the trailer, and the tractor was not affected, so it could have continued to run, like Zeke's garbage hauler after it dumped on the bible salesman's car.

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Factual error: When Hendershot fired the LAW at the trucks, the double doors weren't affected. In reality, the doors would have been pulverized by the backwash of the rocket launching. If there is anything or anybody directly behind the LAW when it's fired for a distance of up to 25 feet, destruction or death is assured.

Robert Cotton

Continuity mistake: When Wanda is mowed down by the machine gun, she fires the rocket launcher. It was fired at a about a forty degree angle, but the rocket went directly at the beer truck. If you look, the rocket and its exhaust trail disappear about a second before the trailer blows up. Also, there is no impact spot from the rocket.

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Continuity mistake: When the bike flips the kid in front of the scoreboard, the steamroller comes crashing out and kills him. It would have had to already been in motion for it to move like it did, therefore been seen moving before the breakout. If it was hiding behind the board and just starting to move, it would have been a lot slower.

Robert Cotton

Bill Robinson: What the hell are you doing in there?
Brett: Changing. That salesman had his hands all over me, and he's dead now and I don't like the smell of him on me. I don't like it.
Bill Robinson: Jesus.

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Trivia: Stephen King makes an appearance in the beginning of the film trying to use an ATM that malfunctions.


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Question: How and why does the glass on the pinball machine shatter all by itself?

Answer: The Pinball Machine overloaded at speed.

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