Maximum Overdrive

The group of people manage to get out of the Dixieboy Truck stop, apart from the Biblesales man and Joe. (Joe got run over by a truck and so did the bible sales man.) They run towards the harbour to get a boat, without a motor or microchip. They get there and get on the boat. One of the group stray away to prize a nice ring of of a dead woman's finger as she was crushed by a stray car. He gets run over by the same truck that killed the biblesales man and Joe. Bill jumps out and blasts it with a Rocket launcher. They sail away to the island they know has no cars, trucks or motors. It says at the very end that the survivors of the dixie boy are still survivors.

As the boat sails away, a summary card appears (in the same manner the intro card appears) that states "Two days later, a large UFO was destroyed in space by a Russian "weather satellite" which happened to be equipped with a laser cannon and class IV nuclear missiles. Approximately six days later, the earth passed beyond the tail of Rhea-M, exactly as predicted."


Factual error: The mounted machine gun fires far too many shots for the limited supply of ammo it has in the box attached to it.

David Mercier

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Bill Robinson: What the hell are you doing in there?
Brett: Changing. That salesman had his hands all over me, and he's dead now and I don't like the smell of him on me. I don't like it.
Bill Robinson: Jesus.

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Trivia: Stephen King makes an appearance in the beginning of the film trying to use an ATM that malfunctions.


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Question: How and why does the glass on the pinball machine shatter all by itself?

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