The Hangover

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alan says Doug is clear to move into the right lane, right after the truck starts to swerve, the camera switches to showing Phil and Stu. There is no truck in the frame, but when it shows Alan and Doug, you see the end of the truck passing them.

Continuity mistake: When their apartment room is messed up you can see some wine bottles all lined up just like bowling pins. In the next shot when Stu gets up from the floor it shows the main door of their apartment room and the wine bottles are no longer there.


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Continuity mistake: When Alan and Doug the drug dealer are suggesting more accurate names for roofies, Doug places one hand on his hip with the other down by his side, but in the next shot, both hands are resting on his stomach. (01:21:30)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene in the police station when the two cops have the taser class in front of the kids, Alan gets tased in the neck and fall on top of the table in front of the classroom and his arms arms are facing upward toward his head. Moments after that, there is a shot from the back of the classroom and Alan's arms are in a normal position by his side.

Continuity mistake: The scratches on Phil's neck have completely disappeared by the time they're back for the wedding.

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Stu Price: You do know counting cards is illegal, right?
Alan Garner: Counting cards isn't illegal. It's frowned upon... Like masturbating on an airplane.
Phil Wenneck: I'm pretty sure that's illegal too.
Alan Garner: Maybe since 9/11 when everyone got so damn sensitive. Thanks a lot Bin Laden!

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Trivia: Director Todd Phillips has a cameo as the man pleasuring the woman in the elevator.

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Question: In the scene right when they leave the hotel after the wild night, they see Doug's mattress. Is there any significance to the guy that turns to them and says some people just can't handle Vegas?

Answer: His name is Chuck Pacheco and he's an actor/director. He played Chuckie in the movie Alpha Dog.

Answer: I'm sure the guy Phil asks is a famous golfer, just not sure who. It is significant in what he says, because the Wolf Pack couldn't handle Vegas, so it was a sideways slap to them.

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