Drag Me To Hell

Other mistake: In the scene where Christine first meets the seer, the seer takes Clay's credit card to charge $60, but in the uninterrupted events that follow, he charges nothing to the card. After becoming frightened, he insists on 'returning' the money, but is later revealed to have taken the money anyway. After having insisted on not taking the money, it would have taken an uncomfortable set of circumstances for the group to agree to let the seer electronically charge the money to the credit account anyway, rather than agreeing on no charge and simply leaving.

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Other mistake: When Christine fixes Clay's printer, there's just one small problem. Clay has two iMacs in his office, seemingly connected to an old HP DeskJet printer with a parallel interface. New iMacs do not have parallel ports, so Christine only solved one of Clay's problems.

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Mrs. Ganush: I beg and you shame me?



A spirit knocks Christine over and gives her a bloody lip. Her boyfriend tends to her lip, which is very swollen. As she sleeps, there is a close up of a fly going into her mouth between her lips that are not swollen at all. After she swallows the fly, she sits up and her bottom lip is swollen again.



Long time friend of Sam Raimi, and star of his "Evil Dead" trilogy, Bruce Campbell was approached for a role in this film, but had to turn it down due to a time conflict with his television show "Burn Notice."