Drag Me To Hell

Trivia: Long time friend of Sam Raimi, and star of his "Evil Dead" trilogy, Bruce Campbell was approached for a role in this film, but had to turn it down due to a time conflict with his television show "Burn Notice."


Trivia: The car that the old gypsy woman drives, is Sam Raimi's own car which has appeared in all of his movies.


Trivia: Sam Raimi's brother Ted Raimi has a brief cameo as the doctor who speaks with Justin Long in the hallway after the initial first attacks. You never see his face, but you see him from behind and hear his voice. Ted has appeared in numerous Sam Raimi films, including the "Spider-Man" trilogy.


Trivia: The old gypsy woman's car has a license plate of "99951" which, when flipped over reads "IS666".

Trivia: Director Sam Raimi has a cameo as one of the spirits that appear during the seance.

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