Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell (2009)

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Charlotte is a bank employee who is in line for a management post, but her boss says she needs to show she can make tough decisions. When an old gypsy woman comes in and asks for a mortgage extension, she refuses her, even when she begs on her knees. As Charlotte is leaving work, the gypsy woman attacks her in the car park, rips a button off Charlotte's coat, and curses it.

Charlotte starts to experience strange phenomena like freak winds, scary dreams and visions of a goat-like creature. She goes to see a medium who advises her that she is haunted by a lamia and that she has 3 days before it takes her soul. First, she tries (at the medium's advice) sacrificing her pet cat as a substitute for herself, but the strange visions continue and cause her to freak out at dinner with her boyfriend's parents. She then decides to go and try and sort things out with the gypsy, but finds that she has died.

The medium offers to take her to an experienced medium who can help her for $10000. Charlotte pawns everything she owns but cannot raise the money, but her boyfriend says he trusts her and pays the money. The medium manages to communicate with the lamia (who tells her it did not want the cat), but lose control of it. The experienced medium dies without getting rid of the lamia, and the original medium says that the last resort is for her to give the button to someone else - but whoever it is will die by the lamia in her place.

Charlotte tries to find someone to give the button to but she cannot face giving it to anyone, not even her business rival. She then decides she could give it back to the gypsy woman, and checks with the medium that gifts can be given to the dead (they can). She puts the button in an envelope and has her boyfriend drive her to the graveyard. On the way, they nearly hit an old man, but her boyfriend stops just in time, scattering the papers in the car.

Charlotte takes the envelope, digs up the gypsy woman's grave, and gives her back the envelope and button. The following day, she gets her promotion and buys herself a new coat, then meets her boyfriend at the station to go away with him. But, then he offers her the envelope with the button in! When the papers got mixed up, she grabbed the wrong envelope, and gave the gypsy an envelope with a collectible coin in. Charlotte still owns the button! Backing away from her boyfriend, she falls onto the train tracks and is hit by a train, and the lamia drags her through the gravel to hell.


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Mrs. Ganush: I beg and you shame me?



A spirit knocks Christine over and gives her a bloody lip. Her boyfriend tends to her lip, which is very swollen. As she sleeps, there is a close up of a fly going into her mouth between her lips that are not swollen at all. After she swallows the fly, she sits up and her bottom lip is swollen again.



Long time friend of Sam Raimi, and star of his "Evil Dead" trilogy, Bruce Campbell was approached for a role in this film, but had to turn it down due to a time conflict with his television show "Burn Notice."