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Corrected entry: When John Dillinger escapes from jail by stealing a police car, the car slowly stops at a traffic light and we can see officers to the left of John (and the car). In the overhead shot of the car and the traffic light, the officers have disappeared from the sidewalk, but in the following shot the officers are still there.

Correction: Dillinger stole sheriff Holley's Ford. At the stoplight, there is a marked police cruiser with two cops inside shown stopped at the same light but opposite Dillinger. It's not a continuity issue.

Corrected entry: Pretty Boy Floyd was killed in East Liverpool, OH, by a Deputy Sheriff on October 19, 1934, not by Pervis.

Correction: Three different accounts of Floyd's death (which occurred on October 22nd, 1934, not the 19th), exist, so, as all parties concerned are now deceased, the truth of the situation will likely never be determined. The film is not intended as a documentary and, as such, is under no obligation to stick rigidly to factual events, particularly as no concrete facts exist in this case. Only one of the three accounts claims that Floyd died at the hands of local law enforcement, the other two both state that Floyd was killed by FBI agents with Purvis present. Given his status as the ostensible "hero" of the film, it's entirely allowable under dramatic licence to present Purvis himself as the shooter.

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Corrected entry: During the shot of the prison front gates at beginning of movie, to the left of the gate is a outside tv/cable box where a cable technician would normally hook up cable from outside. Cable was not around in 1930's.

Correction: That was the wiring to the PA/alarm system that had speakers attached to the overhang above the doorway. More than likely installed after an upgrade to the prison's "modern security system" of the 1930s.


Corrected entry: According to the movie, when Dillinger walked into police station the day of his death (7/22/1934), he asked a group of cops listening to the radio who was winning the ballgame. He was informed 3-2 in the 7th, then the radio announcer goes on to talk about how the Yankees are doing against Chicago. This is way before interleague play and not during World Series time. MLB lists the Cubs lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 6-5 that day.

Correction: True, the Yankees didn't play the Chicago Cubs in 1934, but they did play the Chicago White Sox.

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Factual error: In one scene, focused on a period wood-staked pickup truck parked on the street, you can see clearly a modern Jeep Grand Cherokee parked on the other side of the street.

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John Dillinger: They ain't tough enough, smart enough or fast enough. I can hit any bank I want, any time. They got to be at every bank, all the time.

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Trivia: One of the bank scenes were shot at the Little Bohemia Lodge, where there was an actual shoot-out between John Dillinger and the FBI in 1934.

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