The Aristocats

Continuity mistake: During the song 'Thomas O'Malley', Thomas jumps on the tree and shakes one of the branches to make the petals fall on top of Duchess. Just before they hit the ground, a whole bunch of petals appear on the ground out of no where and some of the petals that were falling to the ground disappear once they hit the ground.


Continuity mistake: There is a name plate above the cat door that appears and disappears.

Continuity mistake: When the cats are on the piano during the "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat" sequence, there is a sheet of music in front of the pianist. When we see the piano and the cats falling through the floors, the music sheet has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Edgar locks the cats in the trunk, the padlock closes on the left. But when Roquefort unlocks it, it opens on the right.


Continuity mistake: Throughout the film, the studs on the collar Duchess is wearing vanish and reappear.


Continuity mistake: When the butler takes the mother and kittens to be abandoned in the countryside he is on a motorcycle and sidecar combination. During the trip the sidecar changes from one side of the bike to the other and back again. Also, when the sidecar separates from the motorcycle when the dogs are chasing Edgar, the wheel on the sidecar switches sides regularly as well.

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Napoleon: Where's my hat? Where? And somebody stole my bumbershoot.
Lafayette: Well, where's my beddy-bye basket?
Napoleon: And whoever it is, is gonna get it and get it good.
Lafayette: And this time, I get the tender part.
Napoleon: Hush your mouth! Now come on.

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