The Lost Boys

Question: What shirt is Laddie wearing under his military jacket?

Question: Star tells Michael that she was supposed to be his first kill. I'm only speculating that it was on David's orders so, if he was, why did David change his mind and decide to make Michael a vampire instead?

Answer: Because the Head vampire, Max, had fallen in love with Michael's mom. At the end of the movie he said, "Boys need a mother and if I could get Michael and Sam into the family, you would have no choice but to join us."

Question: As a vampire, Max wasn't allowed in the house until Michael invited him. How were David and his friends allowed inside since they were never invited? Also, how was Star, even though she was only half-vampire able to get into the house? She asked for permission but Michael said no.

Answer: In the film, being invited in isn't a requirement to enter. It's simply a way for the vampire to render you powerless (i.e. the tests the boys performed on Max).

Answer: As stated Star was half vampire, she has some of their powers not all. Max said, "Once you invite a vampire into your home, it renders you powerless." Which is why the holy water and garlic worked. They were not invited, they crashed in.

Answer: It's not that they can't "get in." Its that once you invite renders you "powerless" (according to Max). Lets not forget that David and his friends were all killed. Max was stronger and probably would have won if Grandpa didn't crash into the house and impale him. Basically they can enter anytime...but being invited in gives them an advantage.

Gavin Jackson

Except they weren't invited in. Only Max was.

Answer: Obviously, they were all invited in, one after another.

Charles Austin Miller

Only Max was invited in. Nowhere in the movie does it show David and the others being invited. And again, how did Star get into the house when she wasn't invited either?

Star and the others didn't need an invitation to enter any house, and they do not lose their powers once inside. If someone invites a vampire in, then they give the vampire an additional advantage, i.e. holy water won't burn them, they are unaffected by garlic, a mirror shows their reflection, etc. It is the inviter who loses all power against a vampire.


Question: When Max approaches the house for his second date with Lucy, being a vampire he asks Michael to invite him in so people in the house would be, in his words, "rendered powerless." As a result, Sam and the Frog brothers can't prove he is a vampire. But how did Max know that his vampirism would be tested in the first place?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: A vampire probably wouldn't survive for very long without playing it safe - he's probably in the habit of insisting on being invited in (if possible) whereever he goes, just in case.


Answer: He didn't, any vampire cannot enter a home unless they're invited.

Question: What song is Sam singing along to while bathing?

Answer: "Ain't Got No Home" by Clarence "Frogman" Henry.


Question: This may just be me over analysing the film but this is something that has been eating away at me for a while - In this film, one of the vampires tells the Frog Brothers that garlic doesn't work, however through the next two films, Edgar Frog can be seen using garlic numerous times. Was the vampire lying or is this a mistake on the film maker's part?

Answer: He was lying. He was trying to scare them, not expecting them to scoop the water and throw it at him.


Answer: It could also be that it was a mixture of garlic and holy water. They fill their water guns at the end and Sam squirts Paul in the face and it works on him there too, so not sure if it's the holy water that caused that or if it was in fact the garlic as well.

Question: Why is Laddie wearing a Confederate soldier's jacket?

Answer: There's no particular reason. It's probably just something he found and liked.


Answer: That was in fashion in the USA, in the 80's.


Question: How is David able to make Michael see the maggots and worms in the Chinese food, considering Michael hasn't yet drunk his blood at this point?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Many legends give the vampire certain rather hypnotic abilities - this is presumably along the same lines.


Answer: I always assumed it was because the joint they passed was dusted.

Question: Am I missing something? Michael technically isn't the man of the house. The grandfather is as he owns the house. So when Max says that he won't come in until the man of the house invites him in, he wasn't asked by the right person, making his invite invalid.

Answer: The requirement isn't that the man of the house invites him in, just that he's invited in. He uses the "man of the house" line to trick Michael into inviting him in.

Answer: Real hair.

Answer: In all his movies he's always been blonde.

Question: When Max is having dinner with Lucy and her family, why does his reflection show in the mirror if he's really a vampire?

Answer: Max says later that because he was "invited" to come into Lucy's house, then certain identifying vampire traits are nullified and their enemies are rendered powerless. That was why he had a reflection, could eat garlic, which is supposed to repel vampires, and wasn't "burned" by the holy water being thrown on him.


Ya, but Max wasn't invited by the man of the house. That would be the grandfather. Plot error, then?


When was it established that the "man of the house" had to invite them in?

It didn't need to be the "man of the house." When Max arrived for dinner, Michael opened the door. Max just referred to him as the man of the house in a leading way so he will be invited in, knowing it would protect him from being exposed as a vampire.


Question: The grandfather says at the very end that he knew all along about the vampires, so why didn't he tell Sam or Michael before?


Answer: It was also in keeping with Grandpa's eccentric nature; if he'd said anything about the vampires before, they might have assumed he was either joking or possibly becoming senile.


Answer: Probably because it was just boasting, and he didn't really know they were vampires until the very end. He may have suspected, but never had definitive proof.


Question: Why can't David and his friends go into Max's store?

Answer: Spoilers ahead: As I recall, it was part of Max's cover as the head vampire. He did not want David and his cohorts hanging around the shop and looking like they had any connection or association with him. He has to look as if he disapproves of them. Mostly it's a plot device so the audience does not suspect Max is also a vampire.


Question: How did David know where Sam would be near the end when he came for them all?

Answer: Where else would they be, where else would they go? They had no-one or no place to turn to. They were kids with no resources and who'd believe they were chased by vampires.

Revealing mistake: Look closely at the footage when the vampires are entering the cave. Later when they are exiting the cave, the waves are flowing backwards. The same footage has been reversed. (01:17:05)

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Max: It was all going to be so perfect, Lucy. Just like one big, happy family. Your boys... And my boys.
Edgar Frog: Great! The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch!

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Trivia: Richard Donner was originally offered to direct. Having just received Lethal Weapon, he declined the offer, but stayed on as an executive producer.

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