The Apostle

The Apostle (1997)

2 corrected entries

Directed by: Robert Duvall

Starring: Lenore Banks, Paul Bagget, Todd Allen

Genres: Drama

Corrected entry: When Sonny crashes his car into the lake, his brown leather bag is visible on the passenger seat, and when he leaps out of the car he doesn't have it with him, yet in the next shot as he comes out of the tall grass, the bag is slung diagonally across his body.

Correction: If you watch closely as the car is rolling down in the lake, and right after Sonny jumps out, you can see the bag has fallen out as well. It is thrown to the right of Sonny and to the left of the car.

Corrected entry: The twins play their ukuleles twice. The first time they both play left-handed, the second time one plays right-handed.

Correction: This is referred to as being ambidextrous, which is not uncommon, musically or otherwise.

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