Live and Let Die

Revealing mistake: When Rosie pokes a gun through the door at the Bond's bungalow, Bond uses his cigar to burn her hand, and then throws her onto the bed. You can see that the person being thrown is not Gloria Hendry, but a male stunt double.

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Continuity mistake: The scene where Bond leaves the voodoo shop to tail the car. He hails a cab. As the cab draws up, we briefly see the cabbie in the front, who does not have long sideburns/mutton chops. However, shortly afterwards when the cabbie starts talking to Bond, and we see him more, it is a different actor (Arnold Williams), who has noticeably long sideburns. The driver has changed.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is sitting in the chair and Kananga is checking to see if he deflowered Solitaire, the metal arm restraints only cover 1/2 of Bond's arms. (01:11:30 - 01:17:00)

Revealing mistake: When Hamilton is watching the Fillet of Soul restaurant at the beginning of the movie, he is stabbed and killed. When the coffin is brought over to him, you can see the 'dead' Hamilton breathing.

Continuity mistake: When Bond is secured to the chair just before Kananga reveals himself, Teehee has his claw hand at a 90 degree angle in the shot of them both from the side. The very next shot in front, focused more on Bond, has Teehee's arm down by his side.


Continuity mistake: After Bond has killed the snake with the aerosol can in his hotel bathroom, he puts down the cigar he is smoking next to the sink. When he hears the door opening, he walks into the bedroom and the cigar is back in his mouth again.

Continuity mistake: When Bond and Solitaire are on the lift where they were put by Mr. Big, look carefully at Bond's watch. The face is concave with the crystal over it. When he uses the cutting function, the whole face is now rounded like a dome.

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Audio problem: When one of Mr Big's henchmen points his gun at Bond when he is in Mr Big's apartment, he says "Mr Big's gonna take care of you in a minute." but viewed from behind, his lips aren't moving when he says it.

Other mistake: The Oh Voodoo shop in NY and the underground car park exit are both one level below street level. JB walks out of the back of the shop and finds Whisper's Corvette pimp mobile on the same level. So why does the Cadillac limo have to leave the car park using a vehicle lift?

Continuity mistake: When the first British MI6 agent (Dawes) is killed by killer waves sent through his earphones at the United Nations, he has his fingers closed when the waves go through, but the next shot shows him with his fingers wide apart.

Continuity mistake: When Tee Hee is about to bend the barrel of Bond's Walther PPK, he has his index finger on the trigger guard of the gun, but the next shot shows him holding the gun with all his fingers around the handle.

Continuity mistake: When Tee Hee appears from the meeting room in Mr Big's apartment, the doors to the meeting room open twice between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the alley behind Filet of Soul, where Bond is saved by Strutter, the position of the right arm of the unconscious/dead goon in the light leather coat moves between shots.

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James Bond: Black Queen on the red King, Miss.
Solitaire: Solitaire.
James Bond: My name's Bond, James Bond.
Solitaire: I know who you are, what you are, and why you've come. You have made a mistake. You will not succeed.

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Trivia: With so many black actors, most of which were cast as villains in the film, producers wanted to write in another character, a comedy part, to draw attention away. New York actor Clifton James was cast in the role of "Sherriff J W Pepper", (he was so popular that he would turn up again the next Bond film).

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Chosen answer: One assumes that the card that 'foretold' that Rosie was a double-agent was either sent by Felix Lighter of the FBI/CIA or by Solitaire herself. But, more than likely, it was Bond's faithful sidekick Quarrel, Jr. (the fisherman/boat captain on San Monique).

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