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Corrected entry: After James steals the goons' speedboat, a black gunsel drives to a bridge to intercept him. When he arrives, a very large plume of black smoke, having nothing to do with the plot, can be seen in the distance. When JW Pepper arrives seconds later, the smoke is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: The smoke is from the opium processing plant that Bond just blew up, an essential element of the plot. When Pepper pulls up they shift camera angles and you don't see the smoke.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when Kananga is slashing Bond's arm, it appears that there is blood on the knife and Kananga is just 'painting' it on Bond's arm.

Correction: There appears to be no blood on the knife at all when he is making his first cut; after that the appearence of blood on the knife is the blood from the initial cut(s).

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Corrected entry: In the scene at the United Nations where the speaker is making a presentation, I think he is speaking in Hungarian. As far as I know, Hungarian is not one of the official languages (French, Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese) used in the United Nations.

Correction: Anyone can address the United Nations in any language they like. It will then be translated into all of the "official" languages, of which delegates are required to speak, understand, read and write at least one.

Correction: That's because he's not aiming for the gun barrel (the location of the camera); he's aiming for the man holding the gun.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Kananga and James Bond fall into the water at the end, why wasn't Bond attacked by any of the sharks? He had that cut on his arm so he would have been very appealling to them, reguardless of whether he was too busy fighting Kananga to be eaten.

Correction: He dispenses with Kananga and exits the water before the sharks can reach him.

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Correction: Vehicular malfunction, not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: Where did Bond get a full deck of 'The Lovers'? I've never seen a place where you could buy a full deck of the same card. And it is even the exact same type of cards as the ones Solitaire uses. Tarot cards comes in a lot of different types.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Yes, but most stores buy in bulk, and therefore have loads of exactly similar decks on the shelves. Bond could simply buy several decks of tarot cards at the same store, remove the Lovers card from each deck and put together a stack of identical cards. Expensive, but it's not like Bond could not afford it.


Corrected entry: The guy with the mechanical arm points at a bunch of alligators and identifies them as crocodiles.

Correction: It is a character mistake.

Corrected entry: Leiter, who is observing Kananga, tells Bond that Kananga's leaving the UN, "probably heading back to his embassy". As an experienced CIA officer, Leiter should know that foreign nations maintain their embassies in this country in Washington, DC, not in New York City. They may have consulates elsewhere in the country, but not embassies. Countries do indeed send separate ambassadors to the UN, but they don't establish separate embassies for them.

Correction: He could have been headed to the airport, to fly down to Washington, where his embassy is located.

Corrected entry: When Whisper delivers the Champagne Bond signs for it and goes back into the bathroom leaving the light on, yet when he returns to the room after killing the snake the light is off.

Paul Bessant

Correction: 'Mrs. Bond' turned the light off when she entered the room.

Corrected entry: In the roadblock scene at Miller's Bridge where Bond and the villain have just got through the roadblock with their boats, Sheriff J.W. Pepper arrives at the bridge. A policeman says, "Yes sir, Captain. I understand. But I don't know where we're gonna find a boat fast enough to catch'em." During this scene at the bottom of the screen, you can see the yellow microphone recording the actor. (01:29:10)

Correction: The yellow object is simply part of the police car's speeding equipment. Some police cars in the 60's had a yellow tracking equipment or a radio system.

Corrected entry: Kananga warns Solitaire about the price of losing her virginity, saying that he'd do to her what he did to her mother and her mother before her. Jane Seymour was 22 when the film was released. If we assume that the ages of their characters are supposed to be around their actual ages, and if we assume that Solitaire's mother conceived at 18, that would mean that her grandmother was being used by Kananga 40 years ago. Yaphet Kotto was 36 at the movie's release - even if we assume Kananga supposed to be older than Kotto's age, the math is off by at least 25-30 years, he must have been at least 20-25 to have amassed enough power and/or land to need someone like Solitaire to protect it.

Correction: Some women have children at a very early age. Solitaire's mother might have been only 15 when she had her child. We also don't know Solitaire's age for sure, and if we are to assume that she's about 22 we might just as well assume that she is 17. That would mean that her mother was born just over 30 years ago. If we then assume that Kananga is in his 50ies, kept younger looking by voodoo magic, he might easily have controlled Solitaire's grandmother. Furthermore, maybe Kananga's father controlled Solitaire's grandmother.

Corrected entry: James Bond's watch does not have a cutting element to it, only a magnetic element, yet it does a very good job cutting through the rope when they've about to be eaten by a shark

Correction: To cut through the rope Bond activates the watch and it starts spinning like a mini buzzsaw.

Corrected entry: During the final fight on the train, the window is smashed. Following the death of the man with the prosthetic arm, Bond closes the window and the glass is intact.

Correction: The compartment contains two windows, Bond doesn't close the smashed window.

Corrected entry: During the voodoo ceremony where the man is killed, the 'snake bite' that kills him leaves no marks on him.

Correction: He is not supposed to have been bitten by the snake as voodoo is reliant on a victims belief that the ceremony is a threat to them. Therefore Baines fear of being poisoned by a snake bite overpowers him and he probably has a heart attack as a result. Notice that the snakes mouth is never open at any point in the sequence, so it could not have bitten him anyway.

Corrected entry: In the scene, Bond has broken into Solitaire's room and sits behind her desk, playing with her cards. Solitaire enters the room, they have a brief conversation, Bond stands up and walks to her - straight through the fairly big table.

Correction: We can see that the table opens in two parts and Solitaire can walk through the table (00:45:16). So, later, when Bond walks through the big table it's because that table can open.

Correction: That's not a mistake, that was a deliberate little nod to Bond's number.

Corrected entry: Quarrel, the motorboat captain who took Bond and the bikini-clad double agent out to Kananga's place was killed in "Dr. No". We clearly saw him incinerated by the flame-thrower tank before Bond and Ursula Andress were taken into custody by Dr. No's men.

Correction: He actually gets introduced as "Quarrel Junior"

Corrected entry: When Bond shoots Baron Samedi near the end of the film, he is to Samedi's right, but it is the left side of Samedi's head that explodes.

Correction: The entry wound is often small, the same diameter of the round, but the exit wound will be larger.

Corrected entry: The majority of the cars in this film are 1973 Chevrolet's.This is very evident when Bond is being driven to see Felix; nearly every car in the action shots on the highway is a full size Chevy. With a few exceptions, such as the Caddy's and the Pimpmobile in the beginning of the film, its seems most people bought a 1973 Chevrolet. Most of the destroyed police force in the Louisiana were Impalas, and the car chasing Bond when he is driving the bus is a 73 Nova sedan. In the airport scene there is one of each 1973 model - Nova, Malibu, Impala and a pickup. Chevrolet too-obviously paid for the product-placement advertising.

Correction: This is incorrect. Although a vast majority of the cars appearing in the film are 1973 Chevrolets, let's not forget the 1971 Checker Marathon Taxicab in New York (ironically enough, surrounded by 1973 Chevrolet taxis.), Kananga's diplomatic car (a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special) in New York, the aforementioned Pimpmobile (in actuality a fiberglass shell of a Cadillac El Dorado placed on a Chevrolet Corvette chassis.the conversion, known as a "Corvorado", was done by a man named Les Dunham, who did six more of the vehicles for other films), the 1963 Chevrolet Impala that Bond and Rosie Carver drive to the spot where the secret agent was killed, the 1961 Ford Econoline van that Bond's out-of-control '73 Chevy crashes into, the 1969 and 1972 Ford Galaxies used as New Orleans police cars, and the 1968 BMC Mini Moke that Bond and Rosie drive around in all played relatively significant roles. I'm leaving out the 1927 Mack AB Oyster Truck since it was obviously placed there for comedic value and little else as well as the AEC Regent III double-decker bus, of which GM had no comparable product.

Correction: The post says the majority of the cars are 1973 Chevrolets; it doesn't say all of them are. The scene where Whispers kills Bonds driver shows the majority of the cars around him are 1973 full size Chevrolets, the already mentioned airport scene, the Novas chasing the bus, the CIA agents car, Most of the police cars until the final scene with the old "door falling off car " bit, are 1973 models, Adams black Chevrolet is an exception, being a 1972.


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James Bond: I'm surprised they didn't spot you, too. There's a most remarkable girl back there with a deck of cards.
Harold Strutter: I saw those cards on the way up. Spades, James, every one. You were nailed the minute you left 74.

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Trivia: With so many black actors, most of which were cast as villains in the film, producers wanted to write in another character, a comedy part, to draw attention away. New York actor Clifton James was cast in the role of "Sherriff J W Pepper", (he was so popular that he would turn up again the next Bond film).

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Question: Bond kills Kananga at the end by placing the bullet with the air pellet in his mouth which causes him to inflate and explode. But Bond had the bullet in his own mouth before when he was concealing it. Why didn't it kill him?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Bond just stored the bullet in his own mouth to hide it. As he puts it in Kananga's mouth he presumably pulls a pin, or forces Kananga to bite it.

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