Trivia: The Joker says "better make it ten [minutes]", before heading up Gotham Cathedral. Exactly 10 minutes later, the helicopter flies into shot to get him. (01:42:00 - 01:52:00)

Jon Sandys

Trivia: Here's a nice touch. Look at the picture of "Batman" the artist shows Knox (the one of the bat in a suit.) In the lower right corner of the paper is the autograph of Batman creator Bob Kane. Additionally, the artist is named "Bob the Cartoonist" in the credits.

Trivia: Billy Dee Williams only took the role of Harvey Dent because he knew Dent will become Two-Face, a character he very much wanted to play. When Joel Schumacher was hired to direct Batman Forever (Batman 3), Williams asked to play the part but it was given to Tommy Lee Jones instead.

Trivia: In the scene where the goons announce that they are running Jack Palance's company, there are two statues in front of the building. These statues are also featured in The Chronicles of Riddick. They are the huge Necromonger monuments in the beginning of the film.

Trivia: Originally, Adam West, who played the titular role in the comedic Batman TV series, wanted to do the part again, but it was Michael Keaton who was approved by none other than Batman's creator Bob Kane himself.

Trivia: In his hideout, Joker has a lot of pictures scattered around the room. After he cuts out Vicki's picture and starts waltzing around the room, you can see the same picture that appears around the room of a smiling man with crazy dark hair. The guy in those photos looks a lot like Batman director Tim Burton. (00:54:00)

Trivia: Look carefully at the plastic surgeon's tools during the scene when Joker sees his face for the first time-they were previously used by Steve Martin's maniacal dentist in Little Shop of Horrors.

Trivia: When Bruce Wayne is sitting in the BatCave there is a map of the Axis Chemical neighbourhood and a map of Gotham City. The first map is actually that of Capitol Hill, a neighbourhood in Burnaby, British Columbia (see Hastings Street on the south edge of the map, and Dollarton Hiway on the other side of the water). The other map is of Vancouver International Airport and part of South Vancouver, also in British Columbia.

Trivia: In the scene when there's the Joker fashion product commercial at the end we see a cartoon Joker head in a spiral circle. That's very much like the same Joker design later used in the cartoon Batman TV show.

Trivia: Michael Keaton's casting was so controversial at first, it got a front-page mention in the Wall Street Journal. Since he had been typecast primarily as a comedy actor, many were skeptical that he could carry a dramatic role.

Trivia: Willem Dafoe was briefly considered for the role of the Joker. Writer Sam Hamm recalls, "We thought, 'Well, Willem Dafoe looks just like The Joker.'" Coincidentally, Dafoe would go on to play the archenemy of another superhero, the Green Goblin from Spider-Man.

Jedd Jong

Trivia: The power plant used for Axis Chemicals was previously used for the alien hive in Aliens. As a matter of fact, some of the hive set was still there when the Batman team moved in.


Trivia: The words "put this on right now" on the red mask used by Vicky at the museum were written by director Tim Burton.

Visible crew/equipment: When the Batmobile is driving itself to Batman and Vicky Vale, you can clearly see a hand turning the steering wheel. (01:12:00)

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Question: Given how narrow that ledge is, just how could the Joker grab hold of it and silently pull himself onto it prior to yanking Batman and Vicki Vale over the side?


Answer: Most likely, in real life, this would be impossible. Movies take liberties with facts and realities in order to tell the story.


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