Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour has had enough of feeding the Audrey II, and decides to marry Audrey and leave town with the money he gets for doing the TV show. Audrey II catches him sneaking out, and demands food. Seymour refuses, but decides to get some meat for the plant so he can leave. While he's gone, Audrey II calls Audrey and attempts to eat her. Seymour comes back in time to save her and gets her out alive. After an executive from a plant company offers to distribute Audrey IIs worldwide, Seymour figures out Audrey II's goal: to have more Audrey IIs worldwide and keep eating. Seymour fights Audrey II inside the flower shop, but Audrey II collapses the building on him. Seymour, however, survives and electrocutes Audrey II. He and Audrey get married and live happily ever after, but the film ends with a shot of another Audrey II in their garden.


Factual error: When Steve Martin dies with the mask on, the inflation bulbs (the little black bags that inflate and deflate) deflate completely. Actually they should INFLATE completely and stay that way. The gas is still on full blast and Steve is no longer inhaling (which would cause them to deflate). It was done only to emphasize Steve Martin's demise but it's factually incorrect.

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Orin: I find a little giggle-gas before I begin increases my pleasure enormously.

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Trivia: The original ending for this film (fully produced but then deleted) was a jaw-dropping apocalypse. For starters, Audrey II actually kills and eats both Seymour Krelborn and his bride-to-be, Audrey. The giant carnivorous plant grows to gargantuan proportions and divides into multiple monsters that go on a Godzilla-style rampage across New York City, tearing down bridges, eating whole passenger trains, climbing the Statue of Liberty, and doing battle with the military. The original ending alone cost over $5 million out of the film's $25 million budget, so it was a major undertaking. When director Frank Oz test-screened the finished film, he was stunned that audiences hated the deaths of lovable Seymour and Audrey and everything thereafter. Oz hastily reassembled his cast and crew to re-shoot a cheaper, much less gruesome happy ending, which was a hit with audiences. However, Frank Oz said that he thought the original ending was far superior and some of his best work, and he was extremely dissatisfied with the revised happy ending.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: Near the end of the song "I am a dentist", is Orin saying "and a success" or "and I say sit"?

Answer: He says "and a success". He's singing about his mother telling him he'd become a successful dentist.

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