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Corrected entry: As Seymour's worries about Audrey II start to get worse, Audrey II says "You think this is all a coincidence baby, your sudden success around here, the press coverage?" Listen carefully to "the press coverage". This is a dub over of the original line "Your adoption papers" (this line also fits better with the mouth movement). Since Seymour wasn't adopted by Mushnik in the movie this wouldn't make sense for Audrey II to say.


Correction: I just watched this scene several times in a row. I did not see or hear any time where there was a 'dub over' of the the words described in this post.

Corrected entry: How did the plant know Audrey's phone number?

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. Audrey II (the plant) knows she may need Audrey's phone number; there was plenty of time that she is off camera during the movie to look it up (before the scene where Seymour has the argument with him).

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Corrected entry: When Orin (Steve Martin the Dentist) first enters the movie he tortures several patients. One child in particular he knees in the stomach as he takes a pair of pliers to his teeth. He pretends to grab onto a tooth and turn it several times. Unfortunately, the pliers look as though they are grabbing the child's tongue because it is neither angled up or down (where it would need to be to grab the teeth).

Correction: Steve Martin also appeared to do orthodontist work, so he may have been tightening the boy's braces. That would explain why the pliers were angled out, and not up or down. They also move as if they were attached to metal, not a tooth at the end of that scene.

Corrected entry: Why isn't the death of Mr. Mushnik mentioned or noticed by anyone else? The police and people noticed when the dentist is suspiciously gone, but no one mentions Mr. Mushnik suddenly disappearing.

Correction: Mushnik is a lone shop owner. The only people that could've reported his disappearance, Seymour and Audrey, knew what happened to him. The movie makes no reference to family members or other customers knowing him personally. In addition, in the play, Mushnik adopts Seymour making them a 'family'. It's assumed Mushnik has no other family. On the other hand, the dentist owns a business in which he's the boss of several people, who probably reported him missing. He probably also had some missed appointments.


Corrected entry: Audrey is the fastest healer on the face of this Earth. She gets a black eye and the next day it is completely gone. She then has her arm in a sling, the next day gone. I was just waiting for her to say, "'Tis but a scratch," or "It's only a flesh wound!"

Correction: She isn't "healed" until the plant has grow quite considerably, implicating that much time has passed.

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