Audio problem: After Edward runs Bella up the mountain, he is trying to explain to her that he is dangerous. They are facing each other and Edwards says, "I've Killed Before." Bella says, "It doesn't matter." The camera then spans around them and Edward is moving his mouth, but there is no audio. (00:53:40)


Audio problem: In the scene where Bella and Edward are in Edward's bedroom, the sound differs between the camera angles. There is a lot more background noise when Bella is in the shot and not as much when Edward is being shown.


Continuity mistake: While Bella is hanging out inside the van at the La Push beach and Jacob and his friends come to hang out, Jacob turns to grab a tub of Red Vines. In some shots he has the tub next to him, but in others he doesn't. Also you can see that the guy next to Sam takes a bite of a Red Vine in one shot, and in the next he does not have the Red Vine in his hand anymore. (00:31:30)

Visible crew/equipment: When Bella is about to be ganged up on. As soon as she is in the lot a cameraman is visible standing in the background panning over the scene, as one of the boys says "look who we just found." The next angle is from where he stood.


Revealing mistake: When Bella is driving the truck away after she says she's leaving Charlie to go to Phoenix; when Edward is going to get in the truck when he's on the side of it, you can tell it's a stunt double. (01:24:35)

Continuity mistake: The A 1 bottle changes from label in to label out in the diner scene with Bella and her dad.


Continuity mistake: When Bella is at the salad bar in the lunchroom, she knocks over the apple and Edward catches it. In the next shot, neither Edward nor Bella have it.


Other mistake: When Bella meets Edward's family, Esme's (Edward's mother) upper forehead (near her hairline) has no makeup, but the bottom portion does. You can see the difference between her pale vampire makeup and her natural skin (which is also shiny).

Revealing mistake: In the baseball scene, when the nomad vampires appear, you can see the rim of Laurent's contact lenses in close-up shots. (01:19:30)

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Bella opens the book of Quileute legends, the wide shot shows there are no pictures on the pages she turns to. In the close-up shot, when she says, "cold one," there are pictures on both pages. This couldn't be possible, considering that she doesn't turn pages from the wide shot to the close up. (00:45:30)


Continuity mistake: When Tyler throws a piece of licorice at Bella to get her to come over to them, Jessica is standing to the very far left (from Bella's view) facing Bella and trying to talk to Mike. After Bella shakes her book at him in response, Jessica is suddenly standing to the very far right (from Bella's view) facing away from Bella and goofing around with Angela. (00:13:30)

Continuity mistake: It's nearing the end of the movie. Edward and Bella are dancing under the gazebo. Edward lifts Bella so she is dancing on his feet. The camera later pans onto both of their full bodies dancing. Bella's feet are not on Edward's and she is dancing just fine. It later pans onto both of their full bodies dancing. Bella is on Edward's feet again, dancing.


Continuity mistake: When Bella and Edward are at the salad bar talking about Bella's theories, you can see the table with Bella's friends in the background. If you watch her friends, all of their positions and various actions noticeably change, between the following consecutive shots. (00:29:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Bella and Edward talk in the woods about what Edward is, he walks up flush behind her. In the next shot, there is a gap of about a foot, without Edward ever having moved. He's then back flush behind her. (00:50:25)

Cubs Fan

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Bella is in Port Angeles trying to get away form the guys who are taunting her, in one shot, as she is walking through the parking lot, they show two guys walking up from behind her and the other two guys walking toward her. In the shot where the camera shows the two walking toward her, you can see two people dressed in black standing on the deck in the background, and it looks like they go in for a big kiss. The next time the deck in shown in the shot the two people are not there.


Continuity mistake: While Edward and Bella are talking on the school campus on the white bench, the school bell rings. The black boy and the white girl who are sitting behind Edward and Bella hear it and they walk away. But in the next close-up scene, they are still sitting and talking, and in the next shot, when Edward and Bella get up, they are gone again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Edward is explaining his history to Bella and they are sitting under some branches in the rain, from each wide shot and closeup the position of Edward's wet fringe (bangs) is completely different. (00:57:05)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene in the woods where Bella tells Edward she knows what he is: she drops her backpack by a tree, and in one shot you can see it, but the next you can't only because it's turned upside down so you can't see the red. But it's still there. And in other scene you can see it again, right side up.


Continuity mistake: In the first scene in the cafeteria, when Bella suggests that Angie should run an editorial on "speedo padding on the swim team", she then holds up her food to take a bite with her right hand. However, in the reverse-angle shot, when Angie says "actually, that's a good one", Bella's right hand is seen placed on top of her left arm. Then when it cuts back to Bella, she is again holding the food up to her mouth. (00:08:30)


Other mistake: Bella's nasal canula in the hospital scene were all over her face in almost every shot and they were not connected to anything. (01:38:45)

Isabella Swan: Everyone's staring.
Edward Cullen: No, not that guy. Oh wait, he looked.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie when Bella is sitting on the bench prior to prom, Jacob offers to help her since her foot is in a cast. Edward says to Bella "I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend." This is a veiled reference to the fact that Jacob is indeed a wolf, which you find out in the second book "New Moon." (01:44:15)

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Question: When Edward and Bella were by the lockers at school, how come Edward couldn't read Bella?

Answer: Edward is able to read anyone's mind "except" for Bella's, he cannot understand why and that confuses and frustrates him. Bella has some unknown ability to block any mental intrusion.

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Answer: Edward can't read Bellas mind because of an invisible barrier that protects her from mind effects. After she became a vampire, she was actually able to transfer the barrier to protect people. However she had to train to control the power.

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