Terminator Salvation

Continuity mistake: As the tow truck flees the fuel station after believing the Harvester has been destroyed, a car explodes just ahead of the truck in the right lane. The shot immediately following this has Reese facing the camera looking back at the Harvester, but ahead of the truck we can see the road and the exploding car and all the smoke, fire, and debris have all vanished and the lane is clear, even though they can't have passed this car yet. (00:40:30)


Continuity mistake: When Marcus stops the Jeep at a ruined fuel station, he parks it between the two gas-pump islands. The Harvester blows the Jeep up and its remnants rain down back on the spot where the Jeep stood: between the islands. We can clearly see the Jeep's grille fall to this exact spot. Marcus and the others are thrown against the wall of the building when this occurs. As Reese crawls to Marcus, he does so across the Jeep's grille, which is now 30 feet or more from where it actually landed. (00:37:50)


Continuity mistake: When Marcus hits the side of the compartment that contains Kyle and Star with an axe for the second time, we see the panel's left edge separate from the vertical column, bent in a large "V" inward into the compartment. The next exterior shot as Marcus is grabbed by the harvester shows the panel has only the one small hole in it that Marcus created with his first axe strike. The damage from the second hit is gone. (00:44:15)


Continuity mistake: Once the tow truck is attached by cable to the HK, it is spun around. As the truck's rear end is approaching the Honda Element, we can see Kyle making his way into the cab for protection. But a quick external shot of the rear of the tow truck shows Kyle is behind the cab, holding onto the exhaust stack. Then a high shot showing the Honda get hit shows Kyle is gone, apparently safe inside the cab. (00:43:15)


Continuity mistake: At the end of the tow truck chase, an HK appears overhead, turns and fires at a completely empty portion of the bridge's road surface (tho Honda Element is between the truck and explosion in the left lane). Yet when we see it from within the truck, the explosion is shown to be of a car of some kind.and the Honda has vanished. Then, as the truck spins-out and comes to a stop, the external view shows that Honda is back and undamaged. (00:43:10)


Continuity mistake: As the tow trucks crosses the bridge at the end of the chase, it passes three cars (one is overturned) to the truck's right that will act as a ramp for the bike in a moment. Then, as the truck spins to a stop, a shot from beneath the truck looking rearward shows the three cars it has already passed are not there behind it. Yet the very next distant shot shows the cars are back in place in time to send the bike into the air. (00:43:00)


Continuity mistake: At the start Connor jumps in a helicopter and takes off, at which point it gets shot down. When it crashes upside down he undoes the lap belt and falls out of the seat, problem is he never did the belt up in the first place and he was wrestling with the controls, so he couldn't do it up when crashing.

Continuity mistake: While John Connor is above the small lake in a helicopter searching for Marcus, he and his crew are attacked by snake-like robotic arms that rise up from the water. The arms partially penetrate the cockpit but in brief, subsequent shots of chopper, the arms, which should be extending from the exterior, are nowhere to be seen.

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Continuity mistake: When the truck rams a silver wagon that is blocking its path, a dark-color 1970s Firebird is parked nose-to-nose with the wagon, at the roadside, and just beyond the Firebird, a silver 1990s minivan is parked on the same side of the road. When the shot changes to show the moto-terminator analyzing the airborne wagon, the Firebird and minivan are gone, replaced by a silver modern sedan. Then, as the wagon crashes to ground after the bike passes under it, nothing is parked on that side of the road except a 1970s Cadillac sedan which is further back along their path of travel. (00:41:05)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Blair escapes with Marcus and Barnes launches an explosive into the tunnel, Marcus hops onto Blair to save her from the scorching flames. After the fire, Marcus' coat would have been burnt to a crisp, his hair singed off and the skin on his back fried. More evidence pointing to this was that his coat was merely one previously worn by a Resistance fighter, not special in any way, and he has regular skin and hair. (01:06:50)

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John Connor: I knew it. I knew it was coming. But this is not the future my mother warned me about. And in this future, I don't know if we can win this war. This is John Connor.

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Trivia: Reese's introduction isn't the only thing that stays the same about the character between movies. Here he uses his preferred weapon - a sawed-off shotgun. Marcus isn't keen on having a gun aimed at him though, so he snatches it out of Reese's hands, then teaches him a trick to keep that from happening - fashioning a safety strap. Reese puts that same trick to use after he steals a police shotgun in The Terminator. (00:49:55 - 01:49:58)

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Question: What causes the explosion near the start which causes John Connor's helicopter to crash? I may be missing something, but they never seem to address it.

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Chosen answer: It was a strike by Skynet on the attacked facility to try and deny the resistance information and anything useful.

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