Terminator Salvation

John Connor (Christian Bale) and Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) both break into Skynet Central. Connor goes to look for Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) and is able to get him out while Marcus learns the truth about himself. He learns that he is a terminator with human beliefs and his mission was to lure Connor into a trap. Marcus looks at a camera monitor and sees that a T800 is stalking Connor and trying to kill him. Marcus goes to help Connor and the fight ends with Connor getting impaled through his heart with a piece of metal and Marcus ripping off the T800's head. Kyle earns his spot in the Resistance and Katherine (Bryce Dallas Howard) tells Marcus, Kyle, and Blair (Moon Bloodgood) that Connor is dying. Marcus volunteers to give Connor a heart transplant so he can continue leading the Resistance to fight Skynet. Connor recovers and states that they have won the battle but the war is far from over.


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