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Corrected entry: When Agent 23 kidnaps Agent 99 at the end, he puts her in the car, he then gets in and drives away. He is wearing a suit jacket and tie but the next interior shot shows him without the jacket or tie, his shirt undone, and sleeves rolled up. Impossible to do at any time while driving, let alone in a car chase.

Correction: First off, this isn't impossible to do, nor does it take that much time. I have rolled my sleeves up while driving plenty of times. Plus, the next shot of him, he's already on the freeway, so we know it's not a continuous shot and plenty of time has passed.


Corrected entry: When Max leaves CONTROL after learning he won't be promoted to field agent, he is wearing a gray suit. Outside the pet store, his suit becomes blue.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Correction: His suit is never blue. He's just standing in the shadows so it looks darker. You can see he's still wearing the same grey suit when he bumps into 99.


Corrected entry: When Agent 99 and Max are falling from the plane and Dalip catches up with them, before Agent 99 kisses Dalip, he doesn't have his goggles on, but when Dalip crashes into the barn and comes out of the hole, he has them on. (00:33:00 - 00:35:00)

Correction: Dalip has his goggles on throughout the entire fall from the plane.

Corrected entry: The photo of Agent 99 before her surgery is of Barbara Feldon, who played 99 in the TV series.

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Correction: The girl in the photograph is Crystal Allen.

Corrected entry: In the scenes at the symphony concert, the orchestra is supposed to be playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. But in the first concert scene - a very quick snippet - they are playing Mozart's 40th symphony instead. Also, in the movie, both the Mozart 40th and the Beethoven 9th are seen employing a piano (although only the Mozart has the piano audible). In fact, neither of these symphonies requires a piano - there's no piano at all in the score of either one.

Correction: Maybe they played parts both songs at the concert as we do not see the entire concert., and as stated Mozarts has a piano in the song so they would need it. but they would not for Ode to Joy.

Corrected entry: When Max is near Agent 23 on the helicopter roof pad, Max's watch geiger counter doesn't go off, but later, outside the Concert Hall building, it does.

Correction: That is because he didn't turn the Geiger counter on until outside the concert hall. His Geiger was not on earlier in the film at the weapon plant as well.


Corrected entry: In the highway chase scene, the banner reads "Suicide Hotline, 1-800-O-DON'T-DO-IT!" In reality this number would have been invalid because it contains 12 digits rather than the 10 digits permitted by the FCC (not including the 1 or 0 in most long distance and 1-800 numbers).

Correction: Many businesses offer a mnemonic that's a couple of letters longer than 10 characters for their number, especially if the smaller one would make no sense (1-800-O-DON'T-DO?). The extra 2 numbers will simply beep in the caller's phone and not affect the call.

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Corrected entry: Early on in the movie, KAOS leader, Siegfried, announces to the United States government that he has distributed 20 nuclear weapons to unstable dictators and will supply them with the activation codes unless the American government pays him $200 billion. However, after Max and Agent 99 secure the bomb at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, everyone seems to completely forget that there are a bunch of atomic bombs still in the hands of dangerous terrorist organisations just waiting to blow them up.

Correction: Once they capture the ringleaders, the codes wouldn't be available to the terrorist organizations. And while they still need to be retrieved from the terrorists there's no reason to assume other control agents aren't doing that (or have done it already), but for the sake of the story we're following there's no need to cover it.

Corrected entry: When Max is 'captured' by Sigfreid and they are watching Agent 99 on the video feed, Max says something like, "Mrs. Spalkis must be lost," as well as making several other obvious references to the fact that he has been caught. Agent 99 can hear every word he says, and yet she doesn't even react to Max's suspicious quotes until he says, "99, we've been compromised."

Correction: What's the problem?, 99 simply don't understand Max. It's a character mistake.

Corrected entry: Is Maxwell Smart married or not? Several times during the film, he has a wedding band on his left hand, then it's gone, and in another scene it's there, then disappears.

Correction: Max is wearing the ring as part of his cover-up story that he and 99 are on their honeymoon. He takes it off when their plan goes astray.

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Corrected entry: When Smart is bashing Shtarker's head against the optical scanner to break out of the bakery, watch the scanner carefully. Although it's supposed to be made of hard plastic or metal, whenever Shtarker's head hits it, the scanner flexes inward then pops right back out with each successive blow. Obviously a movie prop; thin film covering foam rubber to keep the actor's face from getting injured.

Correction: Yes, it does, but how do we know what the scanner is supposed to be made out of? If we knew that, we would know how the technology of KAOS worked. Perhaps the scanner worked better with softer material, or KAOS got complains of people bonking their heads on the scanner; the fact is, we don't know what the scanner is supposed to be made out of.

Corrected entry: When Max and Agent 99 jump out of the plane, they are falling for much longer than they would be in real life. (Proved by the free-falling episode of Mythbusters).

Correction: Untrue. In the episode of MYTHBUSTERS mentioned, they proved that a specific scenario at a certain height in a certain plane from a certain movie was impossible. It was not a general debunking. We don't know how high the plane was in the air (in this movie) so we can't say how long falling from it would take.

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