Life is Beautiful

Continuity mistake: When Guido and Giosuè enter the barrack there are symmetrical rows of bunk beds on both sides. When Guido returns after his first day of labor there's a shot of the door where the end of the left row of bunk beds isn't visible even though the perspective should include it. (01:11:35 - 01:17:10)


Continuity mistake: When Guido pretends to quit the 'game' and walks out of the barrack Giosuè first follows him slowly, then stops. Seen from the back he is standing further back than from the front. (01:31:55)


Continuity mistake: When Guido and Giosuè speak over the camp's public address system the sun is shining from a cloudless sky. Also when Dora hears them, stops working and walks to the door the sun is in her face. However, when she stands in the door the sunlight is gone, to be back in her face in the following close-up. (01:25:30)


Continuity mistake: Giosuè spots his mama from the tank when they go down a mountain road with rocks left and right, but when he runs over to her he crosses a lush meadow. (01:56:40)


Other mistake: When Guido decides to leave the camp with Giosue, he stops by the box Giosue will hide in, and says they will win 60 points if they get through the night. When Giosue asks how many points they have ("Quanti punti abbiamo?"), you can see Guido mouth " - ti abbiamo" along with Giosue. (01:40:30)

Audio problem: When Guido knocks the flower pot from the window sill and it breaks on Rodolfo's head it looks and disintegrates like wood but sounds like terracotta. (00:09:30)


Revealing mistake: When Giosuè steps out of the metal box he walks over to a marked spot where he is supposed to wait for the tank to turn around the corner. This wouldn't have been as revealing if he hadn't been firmly looking at his mark for the last few meters. (01:54:30)


Continuity mistake: When Guido and Giosuè enter the barrack a lot of newcomers have already gone in before them. But when the camera cuts to the old inmates staring at them you see no new prisoners inside the barrack. (01:11:35)


Continuity mistake: When Guido is being trained as a waiter by his uncle, Guido walks off "pretending to attend to a customer call" for the first time, there is a woman behind him walking behind to the left with a small pile of towels. The 2nd time Guido does this routine, just a few seconds later, the same woman walks behind him again, with the same pile of towels. (00:12:35)


Revealing mistake: When Guido acts as the school inspector he is wearing jacket and trousers and a sash rather tightly through his crotch. After the camera cuts to the approaching real school inspector for a few seconds Guido has gotten rid of trousers and jacket, but the sash is still in place, a feat worthy of the great Houdini. (00:27:40)


Continuity mistake: When the brakes of Guido's and Ferrucio's car fail while going downhill and they take a direct route through the thicket the windshield gets covered with branches and twigs. When they arrive at the town and Guido is standing up looking over the blocked windshield the camera cuts to a close-up where suddenly one branch stands high up right in front of Guido. (00:01:30)


Guido: Buon giorno, Principessa.

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Trivia: Roberto Benigni became the first Italian actor in more than 35 years to win an Oscar for an acting role. The last winner was Sophia Loren. His unexpecting Oscar win for "Best Actor" marked only the second time that an actor had directed himself in an Academy Award winning performance. The other was Laurence Olivier for Hamlet (1948). Benigni also became the first actor to win a best actor oscar for an non-English speaking role.


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