Life is Beautiful
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Guido: Buon giorno, Principessa.

Guido: I forgot to tell you.
Dora: Go ahead.
Guido: You can't imagine how much I feel like making love to you. But I'll never tell anyone, especially not you. They'd have to torture me to make me say it.
Dora: Say what?
Guido: That I want to make love to you - not just once, but over and over again! But I'll never tell you that. I'd have to be crazy to tell you. I'd even make love to you now... right here for the rest of my life.

Giosué Orefice: We won.
Dora: Yes, we won! It's true.
Giosué Orefice: We got a thousand points and we won the game! Daddy and me came in first and now we won the real tank! We won! We won.

Guido: You can lose all your points for any one of three things. One: If you cry. Two: If you ask to see your mother. Three: If you're hungry and ask for a snack! Forget it.

Giosué Orefice: Look, they stopped the train to let Mom get on.
Guido: Dora.

Giosué Orefice: When can I see Mama?
Guido: When the game's over.

Eliseo Orefice: Nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary.

Guido: If you speak my name, I vanish. What am I? Silence.

Giosué Orefice: Daddy, I cannot find any of the other kids, and a lady came telling me to take a shower.
Guido: That's a good idea. You go take a shower.
Giosué Orefice: No.
Guido: Go take a shower.
Giosué Orefice: No.

Dora: At least they don't make the children and old people work.
Female Prisoner: They don't make them work because they kill them! One day, you will hear a lady calling, "Kids, come take a shower," then they gas them.

Guido: What kind of place is this? It's beautiful: Pigeons fly, women fall from the sky! I'm moving here.

Visible crew/equipment: The camera searches for Dora whilst Guido plays music through the open window. In her room, you can easily see a cable (from a microphone or a spotlight?) on the left side of the screen. (01:42:00)

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Trivia: Roberto Benigni became the first Italian actor in more than 35 years to win an Oscar for an acting role. The last winner was Sophia Loren. His unexpecting Oscar win for "Best Actor" marked only the second time that an actor had directed himself in an Academy Award winning performance. The other was Laurence Olivier for Hamlet (1948). Benigni also became the first actor to win a best actor oscar for an non-English speaking role.


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