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Life is Beautiful (1997)

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Corrected entry: At Dora's engagement party, when the Ethiopian cake is brought into the room, you see a Nazi doing the "Hail Hitler" sign. What would a Nazi be doing in a Jewish party if Nazis hate Jews so much?

Correction: The country was under Nazi rule at that point, he may have been there to observe or simply to annoy them. They, as Jews, would not have been allowed to prevent him coming.


Correction: Dora is not Jewish, and neither is her fiance. Therefore it's not a "Jewish party."

Corrected entry: When Giosuè is hiding in the box he sees Guido being taken away by a guard and doing a funny march. Even though this happens at night, from the perspective from inside the box it looks like broad daylight. (01:52:15)


Correction: That "broad daylight" effect was actually the fire burning behind Guido and the soldier, because in other scenes it shows fire burnign evidence of a concentration camp.

Corrected entry: When Guido drives off with Dora after the opera, his car gets stuck between two posts and her dress is torn as they try to get her out of the jammed door. They walk the rest of the way home (Dora is holding a pillow to her backside to hide the tear) and when they part ways at her gate, she turns and the viewer can see her dress is no longer torn.

Correction: The dress is still torn when Dora turns around. You can easily tell from the white gap that runs from top to bottom.


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