The Forbidden Kingdom

Continuity mistake: When the Silent Monk and the Jade Warlord are fighting, the warlord wounds the monk in the right shoulder, next shot the bleeding wound is gone, but it reappears once again in the next shot after that.

Continuity mistake: When Jet Li and Jackie Chan are fighting in the temple, both land on their backs. Upon getting up, it is clear that Jet's back is dirty. The very next frame, however, shows him from the back and it is clear his outfit is completely clean.

Continuity mistake: In the fight sequence between Jason and Ni-Chang, when Jason jumps to grab the staff both his hands touch it, but in the next shot his hands are far away from it. In the next shot his right hand is again nearing the staff, while his left hand is on the whip around his neck. Finally when his right hand grabs the staff his left hand is nowhere near his neck.

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