The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

Ending / spoiler

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Jason frees the Monkey King (Jet Li) with the staff and the Monkey King fights with the Jade Warlord. The Jade Warlord kills Sparrow. Jason kills the warlord with Sparrow's poisonous dart. Lu Yan (Jackie Chan) defeats the warlord's henchwoman Ni Chang. The Jade Emperor returns from his 500 years of meditation and Jason asks that he revive Sparrow but he can't because she wrote her own destiny by seeking revenge against the Jade Warlord. Jason returns to the present and he beats up the leader of the group of thugs who robbed Hop's (Jackie Chan) store at the beginning of the movie. Hop survives the gun shot wound from the robbery and says to Jason: "I'm immortal" (suggesting that he's Lu Yan). Jason meets a girl who looks exactly like Sparrow and enters her shop called The Golden Sparrow...