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Corrected entry: When Jill finds out who The Hourglass is, he rips open his shirt to reveal his "armor". But you can tell it's a shirt with the armor design printed on it.


Correction: That's just one of the many jokes in the movie.

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Corrected entry: When The Dragonfly is protecting Jill in the alley, he bangs a bad guy's head against a brick wall. You can tell that the wall is not really made of bricks, because it dents as the actor's head hits it.

Correction: That was the point of the joke. It's a rubberized wall, and since this movie is spoofing all kinds of things about superhero movies, this kind of joke is expected and anticipated.

Corrected entry: When the dragonfly sprouts wings it should tear through his costume, but in later scenes there are no tears in his costume.

logan crews

Correction: Despite being a movie made to spoof superhero films, perhaps there's a simple reason that Rick Rikler's superhero uniform was made by special fabric that stretches itself out to accomodate the wings(such as in Spider-man, Peter Parker's outfit is specially made thin enough for his web to be shot through the fabric).

Corrected entry: The hood of the truck that crashes into the dragonfly is obviosly made of fiber glass.

logan crews

Correction: Yes, Freightliner hoods are made of re-enforced fiberglass, as are 99% of all semi truck hoods. If they're made of metal, they are too heavy to flip forward to check the oil, or service the engine, and would need a hoist to open them.

Corrected entry: Near the end, part of Rick's glove gets torn off, exposing his ring. In the next scene, the glove is intact.

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Correction: His glove is never back intact.

logan crews

Corrected entry: In the part where Rick protects the girl in the alley, when he slams the bad guy's head into the wall, you can tell that the wall is fake and that it's soft.

Correction: You need to be more specific as to why you think that wall is soft and fake, does it dent in, does it move, how do you know that it is fake?

Corrected entry: When The Hourglass attacks Rick's house, Jill disappears.

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Correction: Jill does not disappear. She falls down. Due to the angle it was filmed, the top of the table appears to be covering her.

Revealing mistake: When it shows the video of Tom Cruise on Youtube, on the right side of the screen, the descriptions of the other videos repeat themselves.

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Lou Landers: Thanksgiving is a time for family. Lance is the only family I have. I never married.
Jill Johnson: [Offering him fruitcake.] Fruitcake?
Lou Landers: No, I just haven't found the right woman.

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Trivia: The guy who sees Lou Landers stuffing the dead body in the cabinet is the director, Craig Mazin.

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