Leaving Las Vegas

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Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue star in this portrait of two broken souls that find each other and try desperately to find love and happiness, if only fleeting solace, in each other's company amid the neon, Casinos, and seedy hotels of Sin City. One is a man who's lost everything to his uncontrolled drinking and is putting himself headlong into one last, suicidal binge while the other is a lonely prostitute who, by chance encounter, finds herself wanting to reach him, and possibly change both their destinies too late. Serious, sad and tragic, the character's plights and struggles are moving and fascinating, with the stars both convincingly portraying failed lives spiraling downward. Not a happy movie, but a good drama.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: Moving out to Sera, Ben is packing his things in a motel. You can see a half full glass standing on a bed table on his left. In the next shot Ben is pouring alcohol to an EMPTY glass filling it in 1/3 approx. In the next scene glass is half full again and in the next one - FULL. Eventually he is drinking from a glass full of alcohol.

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Ben Sanderson: We could get prime rib. They got it on sale for $2.99. I love that dress.

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Trivia: Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue were so dedicated to the film that she interviewed several real Las Vegas prostitutes while he went on a drinking binge to experience what might happen to his cognition and speech patterns.

Erik M.
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