Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

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Corrected entry: In the scene when we first see Sera in the elevator, her hair is wavy and parted to the right, but when she goes into the hotel room, her hair is more curly and parted to the left.


Correction: The elevator she is in has a mirror, and she was primping her hair using that on the way up, hence the slightly different style and reverse image.

Corrected entry: Nicholas Cage hires a hooker while drunk. She steals his wedding band. A few scenes after, he's at his office, gets fired, etc., and has the wedding band on his hand. Then it's gone again.

Correction: These scenes are flashbacks, explaining the apparently changing continuity

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie Ben walks into the restaurant to ask his friend Pierre for money. During his conversation with the folks at the table, he says he got fired from his job. If that's the case, he wouldn't need to ask for money because when he gets fired in another scene, he receives a large severance check, and immediately goes to Las Vegas.

Correction: Are you kidding? He is trying to scrounge money. As if he is going to tell the person he is biting that he doesn't really need the money. He is trying to be as obnoxious as he can so his victim will give him money just to get rid of him.

Corrected entry: The actress who plays the blonde bank teller is an adult film star.

Correction: No, she's not. The blonde bank teller is Carey Lowell from "Law & Order" and is married to Richard Gere.

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Sera: What's up?
Ben Sanderson: I was looking for you tonight. I don't know if you've a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, but I thought maybe we could get some dinner.



Moving out to Sera, Ben is packing his things in a motel. You can see a half full glass standing on a bed table on his left. In the next shot Ben is pouring alcohol to an EMPTY glass filling it in 1/3 approx. In the next scene glass is half full again and in the next one - FULL. Eventually he is drinking from a glass full of alcohol.



Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue were so dedicated to the film that she interviewed several real Las Vegas prostitutes while he went on a drinking binge to experience what might happen to his cognition and speech patterns.