In the Valley of Elah

When Mike was in Iraq, he was driving a Humvee and ran over a kid; he was instructed to never stop the vehicle. One of his friends finally confesses and reveals that he stabbed Mike after leaving the strip club when they were all drunk and messing around. One of the soldiers in the platoon had experience as a butcher so Mike was cut into pieces. After dumping his body in a field, they went to eat at the fast food place. Hank (Tommy Lee Jones) thanks Emily (Charlize Theron) for helping in the investigation. Hank apologizes to Ortiez for attacking him when the police went to his house to arrest him. Hank goes home and notices that the package sent to him earlier in the film is a U.S. flag and a picture of Mike with his platoon. Hank passes by a house where a man is trying to raise the U.S. flag on a pole and helps him out. Hank raises the flag upside down.

Racer X

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