In the Valley of Elah

Corrected entry: At 1:18:07, Deerfield breaks Det. Sanders' nose. Later, the day after (specifically at 1:23:45), when the police find the dead woman in the bathroom, Det. Sanders touches her nose for a couple of seconds in a gesture of sadness. If that nose was really broken she would not be able to do that for that amount of time. (01:23:45)

Correction: Everyone processes pain differently and, in fact, almost all nose breaks result in some initial numbness and shock. Additionally, we can not say how much pressure, if any, she's placing against her nose. She knows it's broken and is the best judge of how much it can be moved and how much pain she can endure. At worst, it is a character choice.


Corrected entry: Detective Sanders tells another detective to "straighten out some wire hangers and buy dixie cups to hang on the ends of them" and hands him money, but immediately after is shown placing dixie cups on hangers to mark a piece of evidence. (00:23:15)


Correction: It simply didn't show her buying them for the purposes of timing.


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