In the Valley of Elah
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Chief Buchwald: But didn't you just say that you would do whatever you were told?
Det. Emily Sanders: Yeah, I sometimes exaggerate for effect.

Hank Deerfield: I'll call you when I get there tomorrow.
Joan Deerfield: It's a two-day drive.
Hank Deerfield: For some people.

Hank Deerfield: Do you know what it means when a flag flies upside down?
School Janitor: No...?
Hank Deerfield: Its an international distress signal.
School Janitor: No shit?
Hank Deerfield: No Shit! It means we're in a whole lot of trouble so come save our asses 'cause we ain't got a prayer in hell of saving it ourselves.
School Janitor: It says alot.
Hank Deerfield: Yes, it does.

Corporal Steve Penning: We seemed to always pull sentry duty together. Freezing our asses off. He tried to convince me of the craziest things.
Hank Deerfield: Try to get you to wear pantyhose?
Corporal Steve Penning: Did he tell you?
Hank Deerfield: No, I told him. Cuts the cold like nothing else.
Corporal Steve Penning: So he wasn't lying.
Hank Deerfield: You just don't want to get shot wearing a pair of those things. You'll never live it down.

Hank Deerfield: You got a minute? I need to apologize to you.
Private Robert Ortiez: You got some real serious issues, man.
Hank Deerfield: Yeah, that's true.
Private Robert Ortiez: I got an honorable discharge, if you can believe it.
Hank Deerfield: It's the Army, I can believe anything.

Hank Deerfield: That's how you fight monsters. You lure them in close to you, you look them in the eye, you smack them down.
David Sanders: You fight a lot of monsters?
Hank Deerfield: Yeah.
David Sanders: You win?
Hank Deerfield: If I didn't I'd have been crushed, right?

Det. Emily Sanders: I will arrest every soldier whose blood alcohol is 1/1000 over the legal limit. How many men do you think that will be?
Lt. Kirklander: And how long till you're fired?
Det. Emily Sanders: Oh I'm gonna do it on my own time, and we have a pretty good union, so I'm gonna say four to five weeks.

Factual error: The license plate on the blue Ford Taurus is 674-H2T. Format for New Mexico standard issue yellow plates is 123-ABC (three numbers, the Zia sun, followed by three letters).

Jason Sieberg
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