Vantage Point

Character mistake: At the end of the film, the newscaster comments that the lone assassin has been killed, but the ticker beneath him reads "Lone assassin arrested."

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Character mistake: When Barnes is trying to describe what he saw, he awkwardly describes "something like a flash of light." A Secret Service agent would know that he had seen the muzzle flash from the gunshots. (00:17:40)


Character mistake: After Barnes rescues the President, he radios in his location as "seven blocks east of the plaza." This is meaningless on the limited-access highway where they are located. Barnes has an excellent grasp of the local geography and would give their precise location with specific landmarks. (01:21:20)


Character mistake: At the end of the movie the reporter says the lone assassin was shot and killed but the banner at the bottom says the lone assassin was arrested.

Character mistake: While talking to President Ashton, Phil McCollough comments, "We're looking for five people out of six million." Salamanca's population is only about 160,000.

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Factual error: The flag on the outer left of the square keeps changing between the correct flag for Germany (horizontal black, red, yellow) as seen from the aerial shot when the bomb explodes, and a wrong version (horizontal red, yellow, black) which can be seen when Howard Lewis first accesses the square. (00:34:25)

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President Ashton: He doesn't even look like me.

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Trivia: Bill Clinton was interviewed for this movie to get the perspective of the President and how he would interact with his entourage.

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Question: In Thomas Barnes' perspective, near the end of it, he orders the studio guy to rewind the tape and then he says "stop", followed by "oh my god", but when the complete terrorist plan is shown, he instead stays staring at the monitor because he's watching Taylor. Is this a mistake, or are these two separate events? If it is the second one, what did he see in his perspective?

Answer: From what I remember, it's the former. When Barnes says "stop," he adds "rewind that." Once the tape is re-round, he watches it run through, which is then when he spots Taylor.

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