Vantage Point

Corrected entry: When Quaid eventually catches up with Javier and Matthew Fox, his pistol is a SIG Sauer P229, it can't carry more than 12 rounds in the magazine and can have only 1 in the chamber. However, more than 13 shots are heard firing from it.

Correction: A Sig Sauer P229 9mm pistol can hold a 15-round magazine plus one round in the chamber for a total of 16 shots before requiring reloading.

Corrected entry: Doesn't it seem a bit unrealistic that the U.S secret service would shoot at someone in the middle of a densely populated area as happens in the perspective of the Spanish's terrorist?


Correction: We can only assume that everytime Secret Service guys use their weapons they have a clear shot. There are also moments when they're obviously about to shoot at suspects but specifically due to a crowd have to change their mind.

Corrected entry: Each time a new individual's vantage point begins, a time countdown is shown at the lower left corner of the screen. It jumps from 1:59 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every time.

Correction: It changes from 11:59 am to 12:00 pm in each perspective.

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Corrected entry: At movie's end inside the racing ambulance, Wm. Hurt releases the side rail of the gurney he's lying on (there's no question the gurney is on the left, inside the vehicle). The ambulance makes a hard right turn, and Hurt is thrown to the floor. Inertia from the turn actually would thrust Hurt to the outer-side wall of the ambulance, not onto the floor.

Correction: Actually, he rolls off as the van is completing the right turn and straightens out, the effect of which is the same as beginning a new, left turn.


Corrected entry: When Howard Lewis is recording killing of Enrique through the fence on the bridge, none of fence's wire is seen on the screen of camera.

Correction: When photographing/videotaping through fences, the fence itself often doesn't show up. This isn't a mistake, but a common occurrence.

Corrected entry: The blue car that is driven by Barnes is a Chevrolet Astra (the Chevrolet badging is prominent several times). The film is set in Spain, and Chevrolet do not make nor import/export the Astra to Spain: Opel are the sole GM manufacturer of the Astra in Spain, and similarly Vauxhall are the sole manufacturer of the Astra in the UK.

Correction: Chevrolet may not have exported it to Spain, but that doesn't preclude someone from importing it themselves. We have a number of right hand drive cars from Japan in the region I live, none which were officially built, or exported to Canada from the manufacturers.

Corrected entry: This one has been 'corrected' but the person 'correcting' the mistake didn't watch the movie properly. Barnes at NO point knows that the President has been abducted, and at NO point do HQ/Control ever inform him either, because quite early in the movie, Javier has already taken out HQ/Control as evidenced by Barnes repeated calls over the radio going unanswered. The mistake still stands, at the end of the movie Barnes asks Matthew Foxs character "where is the President", which is a plot hole because he was never told he was abducted.

Correction: Barnes definitely learns of POTUS' abduction; you have to listen for it, but it's there. Barnes is connected to Secret Service headquarters in Washington, not HQ at the hotel in Salamanca.

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, Dennis Quaid asks Matthew Fox "Where is the President?" However, it was earlier represented that Quaid did not know that a body double was being used, and he would not have known that the real president had been kidnapped because he did not go back to the hotel after the mayhem in the square.

Correction: At one point during the chase scene, Barnes is on the phone with HQ and is told the president has been abducted.

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Corrected entry: The Spanish cop and the Secret Service agents are obviously physically fit when they do the chase on foot. Forrest Whitaker's character isn't, yet appears to easily keep up.

Correction: We know nothing of Forrest Whitaker's character's fitness level. Opinions are not movie mistakes.

Corrected entry: Forrest Whittaker and the Secret Service agents have all been running quite a distance to get to the underpass where the Spanish cop gets shot, yet the little girl appears soon after in the same area. She would have had to have been an Olympic sprinter to be there at the same time.

Correction: He took her to a police officer who was right next to the bridge and he watched the bad guys for a couple of minutes which is more than enough time for a child to walk 100 yards.

Corrected entry: The entire film follows a series of events which begin at noon. However, in at least one shot of the plaza, a large clock at the top of a building reads 10:10.

Correction: The clock could be broken. The clock in the city hall here has been broken for about 20 years, and reads 12:05 all the time.

Continuity mistake: In Barnes' perspective, when Taylor asks him if he saw the shooter, Barnes replies, "No, but I saw something, like a flash of light." In the Howard Lewis perspective, Barnes doesn't say "No, but..." (00:17:50 - 00:36:45)

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Luis: Is everything going to plan?
Suarez: To the last detail.
Luis: And the President? Are you sure they sent a double?
Suarez: The beauty of American arrogance is that they can't imagine a world where they're not a step ahead.

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Trivia: There were several Secret Service consultants on this film to give realism to the action. However, they were unhappy with the final product as it seemed that the kidnappers were able to get to the President without all that much trouble, even if they did have an insider.

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