Vantage Point

Plot hole: During Howard's flashback the viewer sees from his point of view the two SS agents who had been following Enrique fire multiple shots at the now revealed Spanish police officer as he was talking to another police officer (Javier) who had just approached him. The scene ends leading the viewer to believe Enrique was killed by the SS agents. However, in the final scene when it's revealed that he was in fact killed by Javier the SS agents significant fire (9 shots I counted) and presence is completely forgotten. (00:40:00 - 01:12:00)

Plot hole: It stretches credibility that the little girl wanders quite far away from the plaza and ends up on a busy road, and her mother just happens to be nearby.

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Suggested correction: Anna wasn't following her mother. Her mother got separated from her in the chaos and when Howard carried her to safety, she saw a woman who resembled her mother leaving the plaza. She then ran in the general direction of the woman and it just so happened to be the same direction that Howard was running and ended up in.

Also, it isn't entirely out of the realm that her mother ran in the same direction as them both prior to Anna seeing her since she was out of the plaza before Anna and Howard were.

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President Ashton: He doesn't even look like me.



In Barnes' perspective, when Taylor asks him if he saw the shooter, Barnes replies, "No, but I saw something, like a flash of light." In the Howard Lewis perspective, Barnes doesn't say "No, but..."



There were several Secret Service consultants on this film to give realism to the action. However, they were unhappy with the final product as it seemed that the kidnappers were able to get to the President without all that much trouble, even if they did have an insider.