Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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Amanda is alive and living at Doyle's (Morgan Freeman) house. Doyle also participated in the kidnapping along with Remy (Ed Harris) and Lionel (Amanda's uncle). Doyle tells Patrick (Casey Affleck) that he shouldn't turn him in for taking Amanda because they both know that she has a better life with him (Doyle and his wife) and not with her mother (Helene). Patrick tells the police, Doyle is arrested and Amanda is reunited with her mother. Angie leaves Patrick. Patrick visits Helene and they talk. She mentions that Lionel is in prison and Bea (Helene's sister) moved to Melrose. Patrick offers to watch over Amanda while Helene is out on a date. The last scene is Patrick and Amanda watching TV.

Phantom Detective

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Patrick Kenzie: And like that, she was gone. We gave our statements. Nick and Remy the same. All of us spared any blame for Amanda's death. Jack Doyle resigned on the condition that he and he alone be held accountable. He was granted the dignity of early retirement, but the humiliation of half a pension. It was an ignominious end to an illustrious career.



In the scene outside the hospital, after Nick Poole has been shot, Remy Bressant picks up the bottle of liquor, which was capped by Patrick Kenzie and drinks straight from the bottle. The bottle has mysteriously uncapped itself.