Rush Hour 3
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Detective James Carter: How do you say surrender in Chinese?

Genevieve: I have never been with an American man before.
Detective James Carter: Neither have I.

George: I'm sorry, I won't be here when you get back... my wife says I can't be a spy anymore. I have to be home for dinner.

Detective James Carter: Everybody was Kung fu fighting! That man was fast as lightning.

Girl: I want a lawyer.
Carter: You need a personal trainer. Your license says 180. You weigh more than the damn car, girl.
Girl: I have a thyroid problem.
Carter: Stop eatin' thyroids then.


Detective James Carter: Don't move or I'll shoot you and the Temptations.

Detective James Carter: No wonder Lance Armstrong came all the way here to ride a bike.

Detective James Carter: I don't know what you been feedin' him, but he is too damn big.

Detective James Carter: You can't be black. There's a height requirement.

Detective James Carter: Lee I got a big problem man this guys on steroids! His head is as big as Barry Bonds.

Detective James Carter: It's over Reynard, you know what it's like for old men in prison. They call you Pops, they make you work in the library, your best friend is gonna be a mouse.

George: The truth is I am a driver. Nothing more. This is my destiny. I will never know what it's like to be an American, never know what it feels like to kill with no reason.

Detective James Carter: Lee, I'm going to kill you if we die.

Detective James Carter: Come on, Crouching Tiger! Don't you hide that dragon.

Detective James Carter: We need to get her to relax.
Chief Inspector Lee: Maybe we should put on a dirty movie.
Detective James Carter: Lee.
Chief Inspector Lee: Only $9.95.

Detective James Carter: Holy Mother of Jesus! She's a man! I went to second base with a damn Frenchman.

Genevieve: I'm going to go into the bathroom and make myself more comfortable.
Detective James Carter: Need some matches?

Detective James Carter: Freeze, or I'll blow your ass cheeks off.

Chief Inspector Lee: You know nothing about me.
Kenji: I do know that you don't have a wife or kids, you have nothing, just like me.
Detective James Carter: I wouldn't say nothing. He has me his brother from another mother.

Visible crew/equipment: When George drops Lee, Carter and Genevieve off outside the embassy to meet Reynard, right before George tells them he won't be there when they get back, as the camera moves around the car a reflector screen and a crew member can be seen reflected in the side window of the car.

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Trivia: "Rush Hour 3" was the first film in six years for co-star Chris Tucker. His prior film was "Rush Hour 2." And in fact, until appearing in "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2012, the only three films he had appeared in for the prior 14 years were the "Rush Hour" films.

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