Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

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Lee's brother suspends Soo Yung from a ferris wheel and he and Lee fight with swords. Then he and Lee go out on the ferris wheel, continuing their fight, and they land on a safety net but his brother's sword gets caught in it and it starts to tear. Lee tries to save him but he wants to die so he forces his hand out of Lee's and falls onto a ticket booth. Carter saves Soo Yung from the dragon lady [the lady that tried to kill Lee in the club] by kicking her into a gear of the ferris wheel where she later is squished. The trouble isn't over yet because more bad guys come but Lee and Carter beat them. When Lee and Carter are on the ground, Reynard has the french woman at gunpoint but a shot is heard and Carter looks down at his feet, thinking he shot her. But really, it was the cab driver, George, who shot Reynard. Reynard falls down into the water and the police arrives, along with the little french policeman you saw in the beginning of the movie. When all is done, Lee and Carter walk off singing "War" by Edwin Starr


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When George drops Lee, Carter and Genevieve off outside the embassy to meet Reynard, right before George tells them he won't be there when they get back, as the camera moves around the car a reflector screen and a crew member can be seen reflected in the side window of the car.



"Rush Hour 3" was the first film in six years for co-star Chris Tucker. His prior film was "Rush Hour 2." And in fact, until appearing in "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2012, the only three films he had appeared in for the prior 14 years were the "Rush Hour" films.