Jurassic Park III

Continuity mistake: Tea Leoni's bruise on her cheek changes throughout the movie, once looking like a scratch, once looking like a bruise, etc.

Continuity mistake: After Dr. Alan Grant gets done talking with Ellie, he backs up in his car. As he pulls away, we can see that the interior dome/map light is blaring down on his hands that are on the steering wheel. After the instant angle change, however, the light is now turned off. It cannot be argued that the light turned off automatically during that split second angle change because when the doors of a car are already closed, and the car is started -- the light turns off instantly (if not already off) So this being the case, the light was manually turned in the first shot, and then it was off in the next. (00:06:35)

Continuity mistake: At the very end of the movie when the group is cornered by the Raptors, Tea Leoni gives them the eggs. When the first raptor picks up the first egg it is safe in its mouth, but in the next shot it is barely in its mouth, then in the final shot when the Raptor runs away, if you look closely at the Raptor's mouth the egg is well into the mouth.

Continuity mistake: In the diner, when Mr. Kirby is bribing Dr. Grant, after he says "We'd love to make a contribution to your research here" Dr. Grant lowers his glass to the table. In the following shot he does it again. (00:15:10)

Continuity mistake: The plane the group flies in is identified on the outside as a King Air 200. In the inside shots, the windows are from another type aircraft as the window shades are pull down types and in the King Air the windows are tinted by rotating a plexiglass cover to dim the light. Also, the engine sounds are from a piston aeroplane and this plane is definitely a turbo prop.

Continuity mistake: After a guy shoots at an abandoned jet, the objective lens still shows the plane undamaged, as it was before he fired.

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Continuity mistake: When Sattler, Mark and Grant are at home, the mug in Sattler's hands suddenly disappears.

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Continuity mistake: When the boat carrying the parasailing guys is about to crash, the sky keeps swapping between cloudy and sunny depending on the shot.

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Continuity mistake: When the front of the plane is ripped off, there are 2 people sat in the pilot and co pilot seat. As the camera changes one of them has disappeared from the seat and is further back in the plane. (00:24:50)

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Continuity mistake: When the spinosaurus is chasing Grant and the kid and hits the fence the sun changes between shots.


Audio problem: After the aeroplane crashed, a dinosaur stepped over it and the windows shattered making the typical sound of made-of-glass things when broken. They are made of plexiglass (a sort of fibrous plastic).

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Dr. Alan Grant: What John Hammond and InGen did at Jurassic Park is create genetically engineered theme park monsters. Nothing more and nothing less.
Woman: Um, are you saying that you wouldn't wanna get onto Isla Sarnoa and study them if you had the chance?
Dr. Grant: No force on Earth or Heaven will get me on that island.

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Trivia: Dr. Grant's brown truck with the Museum of the Rockies and Montana State University logos on it is the actual vehicle that belongs to Dr. Jack Horner, paleontologist consultant on the Jurassic Park films as well as the man that the character of Grant is based on.

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Question: In the end, the Pterosaurs fly away from Isla Sorna for a new home. Where on Earth would they go and wouldn't they attack and kill any human or animal there?

Answer: The island was located west of Costa Rica in the pacific so its likely they are headed for the Americas or Galapagos islands. They won't likely start hunting on animals and humans as they are thought to be fish eaters and thus would stay near the coast and avoid contact with land animals, especially predators. The reason they attack the humans in the bird cage is because of malnutrition and captivity related stress.

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